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Sequence 2

Letters the Funnel 810 Preston Houston 77002

Many are the times that educators have stressed the importance of a high school ecucation. It has often been pointed out that in the United States, education is free and open to anyone, regardless; yet this is not entirely true.

It has been brought to my attention that a young high school student has been denied the privelege of entering the school of her choice. Refusal of her entry is due to the fact that she is independent of her parents or any legal guardian.

She has for the last two years been independent of her parents and they are fully aware and in agreement with her pursuits. She has in this period of time supported herself on thrity dollars a week and rode a city bus twenty miles each day to attend classes at Spring Branch High School.

This summer she had moved from Spring Branch into the Austin High School district. Since commuting thrity miles to school on the Houston bus system was impractical, she attempted to transfer to Austin High School, and was refused admittance by an indifferent and sisinterested school principle.

I believe anyone with the drive and sincere desire to learn should not be refused an education on any grounds. Education should be free and open to anyone with the desire and mental capacity to learn.

The Houston Independent School District sucks!

Biance Ellis

Dear Rag

Here is $7.50

Pleeze send me the Rag for one (one) year.

I am: E. Moen 508 W. 12th B

Austin, Texas

21, 1967

Here we go again,
Upsy daisy,
Watch closely,

What will happen
On Oct. 21?
I'll tell you what will
Happen on Oct 21:

Father Gapon Luther King
Will lead the be-belled
In presenting a petition
To the king


Laying on his hand
(as kins will do)

Will give everyone
He touches
Or the Clap

While ordering out
The helicopters
And the cops
And the guns
To kill the people

You don't believe me?


By Joanne Syrek

Sequence 2