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Meeting Waco Jan 7 - 94

Meeting called to order by [VP?] Herbert upon motion [Messer?] [?] Wood to both the chair.

Reading minutes dispersed with
Reading presidents message dispersed with
Reading report stand comte. dispersed with
Reading report [?] ask for further time

Motion carried that dues for 93 and 94 be allowed to pass uncollected and enforce and [stand?] by [town?] for 1895.

Moved by Wood second by Messer that reules be suspended and [?] of resolution upon election of candidates be read 3 times. Carried by unanimous vote adopted as read. No new business

Members in good standing

Herbert - Messer - Wood - Gordon - Sanguinet - Rabitt

Election of officers - Postage 1.00
President Tom Wood.
Vice President J. R. Gordon
2nd Vice President A. A. Messer
Secy R. P. Herbert - Treas. M. R. Sanguinet
Executive Committee P. A. Gill
N. Tobey, P. A. Rabitt, McDonald
A. R. Dawson Muller

Move that annual convention be held at Galveston any first Monday

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