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five candidates for Board of Trustees nominated in the report no. 2.

Mr. Heiner moved to ballot for each member of [?] and placed Mr. Andrewartha in [nomination?] and [?] Dodson, Heiner, Clayton, Wahrenberger and LArmour were duly elected.

Mr. Andrewarther [re'd?] 2 votes
" Larmour " 8
Scattering 1

The election was made unanimous.

On motion, it was decided that the next convention be held at Houston.

On motion of Mr. Nixon and seconded by Mr. Heiner, the Pres. appointed a commitee of 3 to revise the constitutions and by-laws; and report at next annual meeting. [?] Nixon, Clayton and Heiner were appointed [?] committee. By request, Mr. Clayton was excused from acting on the committee, and Mr. S. P. Herbert of Waco was appointed in his place.

Mr. Wahrenberger presented the follow communication from the Texas Society of Engineers:

"At a meeting of the Texas Society of Engineers held Jan 4 1887, the following motion was made by the President, Mr. C. P. Mattack, and endorsed by the members present -

Recognizing the fact that it is desirable to secure by legislation, protection in the practice of Architects Engineering and kindred

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