Status: Needs Review

Meeting called to order by V.P. J.R.G + address

1st Minutes read and approved

2d Reading Presidents ad -dispensed with

3d Rep ex. com. approved

4th Rep standing Com (none)

5th " spl " "

6th unfinished business "

7th New business - appointed Com to
draft resolutions upon the death of
V.P. Alfred Muller + Tom Wood
Res by McDonald - Res by overbeck
about certificates of membership
Res by Gordon about liscensing [licensing]
architects. ---..--- Com design for certificate of membership
Payment of annual dues - Passed until
the sense of the association is had upon
resolution of McDonald -
Election of officers :
Moved by B. McD. sec by overbeck JRG.
Passd unanimous -- B. McD V.P.
unanimous F.S. Glover 2d V.P. -
H.A. Overbeck. Sec'y A.A. Meyer Treas.

Ex Com J.R.G. ch B McD. F.S. Glover
H.A. Overbeck. A.A. Meyer

Special Com.
Res Death A. Muller.
J.R.G. B. McD. + H.A O.
Res Death Tom Wood same

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