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Minutes of the Twelfth Annual Convention of the Association.

The State Association of Architects held their twelfth annual convention yesterday at the Oriental hotel.

The convention was called to order by President Gordon at 11 a.m. The minutes of the last convention were read and approved, followed by the president's address, after which many papers upon subjects of much interest to the profession were read.

The report of the executive committee was approved, and new members were elected subject to their passing an examination before the examining board, which will hereafter be appointed by the president.

[Drawing of J. Riley Gordon] J. RIELY GORDON, President, San Antonio. //right margin// Dallas News Oct 2 1901

J. Riley Gordon was elected president for the third time, Burt McDonald of Austin vice president, H. A. Overbeck of Dallas secretary, A. A. Meyer of Fort Worth treasurer.

The afternoon session was taken up principally by the discussion of new methods of construction, including several interesting lectures upon wiring, plumbing, foundations, etc.

Mr. George R. Mann of the St. Louis chapter of the American Institute of Architects was invited to address the convention. He chose as his subject "Heating and Ventilation." The address was technical, accompanied by many tests and experiments. He received a vote of thanks.

The convention will hereafter be held in Dallas during the fair, the exact date to be designated by the president.

A committee was appointed to formulate [a?] design to be engraved and used as a certificate of membership as well as for a new seal for the association.

The convention adjourned and had its annual dinner at the Oriental hotel.

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