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as an inducement to use the wares and manufactures of this particular firm, which is certainly not legitimate; and all parties so inclined to consider architect as being commodities that are on the market for purchase, should be informed that this is a mistake, and that a tender in this direction will ever be considered an insult by the architect receiving it.
And upon motion of Mr. Wood, which was unanimously adopted, it was ordered that this letter be published in " The Southern Architect."
On motion of Mr. Wheelock the aforesaid letter was refered to a committee consisting of Messrs. C. Wheelock, Helmich and T. H. Maddox, architects of Birmingham, to investigate these parties and their methods, and to report the same to the Secretary.
The President: This being the time fixed for the conference with members of the Alabama Legislature, two of whom are present; we will now hear from them.
The Hon. Mr. O' Brian was introduced to the Convention, and made a pointed speech regarding the laws to be presented to the legislatures of each of the Southern States, and said that he was heartily in simpathy with us, as he knew of the many difficulties that we have to contend with as a profession, and that he would gladly introduce any bill into the Legislature of Alabama, that we would formulate, and do all in his power to have it become a law.
At the conclusion of Mr. O' Brian speech his colleague was introduced to the Convention and spoke in high praise of the calling of our profession and said that he was confident that the proper laws would be enacted to regulate the practice of our profession, which in his opinion would prevent many accidents happening from insecure construction, and the many ills arising from improper ventilation, lighting, heating, &c., and that he would assure us that he would use every endeavor to have proper laws, bearing upon this subject, passed by the State Legislature.
At this point Mr. Rosseau made a speech looking to the welfare of the profession in the Southeru [Southern] States, which was pertinent, pointed and well delivered, and was well received by the members present.

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