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The Committee on Competitions submitted the following

Your Committee begs leave to report that after due consideration we
consider the time premature, and recommend thatat present no action be
taken, and we recommend that it be the sense of this Chapter that its
members shun all competitions in which Contractors are allowed to com-

The report was adopted and ordered to be spread upon the
Minutes of the convention.

On motion of Mr. Nixon the Secretary was empowered to
draw on the funds of the Chapter for incidental expenses, in-
cluding engraving, printing, postage, stationery, and such
other matters as in his discretion are necessary for carrying on
the business of his office, and the welfare of the Chapter.

On motion of Mr. Helmich the Secretary was instructed to
prepare and have printed in a neat form, suitable for framing,
the Schedule of Charges, etc., as adopted by this Chapter --
say 10 x 16 inches square, and that the members each be
charged with their respective portions of the cost of same.

On motion of Mr. Nixon the resolution was carried, recom-
mending that all members of this Chapter encourage and
endeavor to formulate in their midst, architectural sketch
clubs, for the advancement of their draughtsmen and pupils
engaged in regular practitioners' offices.

On motion of Mr. Nixon the names of the Architects who
have applied for membership in this Chapter, and those who
have expressed a willingness to become members, were re-
ferred to the Board of Directors for a report at this meeting,
and to this end the Chapter took a recess for a few minutes.

Upon reassembling, the Board of Directors recommended
for membership the names of the following named architects :
A. S. Eichberg, Savannah, Ga.; James B. Cook and C. C.
Burke, Memphis, Tenn.; J. G. Longstreet, Gainesville, Ga.;
Alexander Blair, Macon, Ga.; H. C. Thompson, Nashville,
Tenn.; Frank Niernsee, Columbia, S. C.; T. H. Maddox,
James Maddox, F. L. Rousseau, W. S. Smith, Charles
Wheelock and Harry Wheelock, Birmingham, Ala.; M. J.
Dimmock and Carl Ruehrmund, Richmond, Va.; James F.
Hutchenson, Mobile, Ala.; W. T. Cotter, Jacksonville, Fla.;
Albert Toledano and S. R, Duval, New Orleans, La,; and J.

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