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The Southern Architect. Architects' Builders' and Hardware Journal. Vol. 111. No. 10.

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SUBSCRIPTION BLANK. THE SOUTHERN ARCHITECT, An Illustrated Monthly Journal, Devoted to the Interests of Architects, Builders and the Hardware Trade This Journal is the Official Organ of the Southern Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It is the only one of its kind published in the South. PRICE $2.00 PER YEAR. It should be in the hands of every Architect, Builder and Contractor in the South and Southwestern States. SAMPLE COPIES FREE. ATLANTA, GEORGIA NAME. POST-OFFICE. STATE.

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THE SOUTHERN ARCHITECT. ------------------------------------------ Important to Architects and Power Users

The Rollason Gas Engine.


A Moter specially adapted for running Elevators, and all kinds of Machinery.

Our premier style of Enngine is adjusted for Electric Lighting. Most economical power on the market

All Sizes from 2 H.P. to 100 H.P.

Send for Illustrated Catalouge B.

Warerooms and general office, 15 Dey street, NEW YORK. --------------------------------------------- Brooks, Shoobridge & Co.


ENGLISH PORTLAND CEMENT ---------------------------------------------- FREE TO Every Draughtsman!

A copy of THE BRICKBUILDER containing the prize design in two of our draughtsmen's competitions and announcements of programme and prize for two more. Also interesting articles, useful designs and details, and a fine photographic supplement.

CONDITION.-Send home or permanent address with two cent stamp, and mention this paper.

Address THE BRICKBUILDER, P.O. BOX 3282, BOSTON, MASS. ----------------------------------------------- This beautiful, Ornamental and Decorative Wood-work for Doors, Transoms, Arches, and Windows known as MOORISH FRETWORK is manufactured (only) by C.S. RANSON & CO., Cleveland, Ohio and 10 West 28th Street, New York.

It is made of any woods, in any finish, and unlimited designs. Patented as an article of manufacture, September 15, 1885. --------------------------------------------- JACOB MARK, PATENTEE AND MANUFACTURER OF Concrete Illumination Tile and Vault Lights For AREAS, ROOFS, FLOORS, Etc. Giving 50 per cent. More Light than Other Similar Goods Made. Illustrated Circular and Price List sent to any address. 7 WORTH STREET---NEW YORK. When directing, mention SOUTHERN ARCHITECT.

*Right illustration starting at top reading clockwise* J.W. MARK'S 25 lights to square foot Top View. Concrete Tile.

*Left illustration starting at top reading clockwise* Pat. Dec. 9, 1891. Square Openings. Bottom View. ----------------------------------------------- GEO. R. LOMBARD & CO. Foundry, Machine, Boiler AND GIN WORKS, Railroad, Cotton Factory, Mill, Engine, and Gin Supplies AUGUSTA, GA.

Building Castings, Bolts, Weights, Tanks Boilers, Stacks, Pipe, Etc.

Cast every day and work one hundred and thirty hands. ----------------------------------------------- POLISHED AND ROUGH PLATE GLASS BEVELLED PLATES AND MIRRORS A SPECIALTY. STORE FRONTS, STRIPS AND SASH SIZES OF POLISHED PLATE. SUTPHEN & MYER, 15, 17 & 19 Debrosses St., NEW YORK SEND FOR ESTIMATES. ------------------------------------------------- STABLISHED 1843

48th Year,


The Southern Cultivator And Dixie Farmer The Great Farm, Industrial and Stock Periodical of the South.

It embraces in its constituency the intelligent progressive and substantially successful of the sec tion, and as an ADVERTISING MEDIUM for the Merchants, Manufacturer, Stock Raiser and Professional Man, IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNEQUALED.

Space judicially employed in it columns is always re,unerative. Rates, 30c. a line. Subscription, $1.50 a year. Address,

THE CULTIVATOR PUBLISHING CO. P.O. DRAWER 8. ATLANTE, GA. ----------------------------------------------- RIDDLE-SLADE MANTEL CO., Successors to Riddle & Williams. Mantels, Tiles, Grates, Brass Goods, Etc.

216 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Md.

CATALOGUE ON APPLICATION Jackson Ventilating Grate ------------------------------------------------- GET YOUR PRINGTING, BLANK BOOKS, LEDGERS, Journals, Cash Books, Binding, Electrotyping etc., etc., of JAS. P. HARRISON & CO., (THE FRANKLIN PUBLISHING HOUSE,) State Printers, Atlanta, Ga. Consult them before placing your orders. --------------------------------------------------

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subscription Blank The Southern and Hardware Architect An Illustrated Monthly Journal Devoted to the interests of Architechs and Builders and Hardware Trade Atlanta, Georgicgia.

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