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Meeting Aug 26/95 [(Beach hotel Goleston)] //159 upper left corner??

Moved by [(Wood)] seconded by [(Messer)]
and carried unanimously by that the //strikethrough that the//
Meirnlls ^ of 1895 be approved as read
Present // open parenthesis on left side of text//
[(Afred Meuller)] [(V. P. A H Messer)] [(Treas J R G)],
Secy - [(A. O. Watson)], [(Tova Wood).

A vote of thanks ( be and is head) extended to [(vice-president Mueller)]
for his elequent and able address,
V.P. appointed [(A A Messer)] & Tova Wood upon Ex. comp
Report of Escutiar of Committee upon appli[?] //strikethrough of and last word//
[passed [oaton?] of [(T. S. Glover)], favorably; //strikethrough of first word//
Elected unanimously_
Moved by [(Gordon)], seconded by Wood
that a committee of three he apointed //strikethrough after the word of//
petition, those submitted indevidually by the
Members present-
Moved by [(Messer )] [that secy ?] be instructed
to send statements to all members requesting
sentiment & reply - seconed by [(Glover)]

Moved by Muller [(Glover)] and seconde by Walsor [(Wood)] //strikethrough Muller, under Glover name// //strikethrough Walson Wood name//
that the mext conversation be held at [(Goleston)] //strikthrough at Goleston//
upon call of the President in August 1896- //strithrough in August//

Secretory instructed to write [(Owen Brainard)]
44 Be copies of Ethics

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