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Mr. J.J. Kane Pres. T.S.A.A.

Your Executive Committe report the following following resolution adopted by [them?]: -

This committee has read information of a charge of unprofssional practice on the part of Alfred Giles, therefore be it

Resolved. That Mr. Giles [be?] [?] he is hereby suspended as a fellow of this Association until after his vindication of the charges now [resting?] against him in connection with the building of the El Paso Court House

W.C. Dodson

Chairman Ex Committee

The following resolution introduced by Mr. [?] was endorsed and ordered [?] on the minutes:

Resolved. That is [be?] required of every fellow of this [?] to report to the Executive Committee any deviation from the schedule of charges at this [?] by any member thereof -

On motions, a vote of [?] was tendered Mr [?] for the use of the parlors of "The [Driscoll?]" and alas to the [?] College for the use of their rooms.

On motion of Mr. Dodson, the Convention adjourned [?].

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