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The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies [volume 5]

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UBAQUE, a head settlement of the district ofthe corresimiento of this name, in the new king-dom of Granada ; it was, during the Pagan-ism of the Indians, one of the most powerfulprincipalities belonging to the caciques : at pre-sent it contains 200 inhabitants and as manyIndians. In its church is venerated with parti-cular devotion an image of our Lady painted oncanvass, and which after undergoing much injuryfrom time, appeared all at once miraculously re-novated. By a rugged spot, called De Zaname,close to the valley in which this settlement stands,there is a stone with the impression of a humanfoot, which, by the tradition of the Indians, is onvarious authority that of the apostle St. Bartho-lomew. It is seven leagues from Santa Fe.

UBARANA, Ensennada de, a bay on thecoast of the province and captainship of Seara,in the kingdom of Brazil : it is between therivers Lagaribe and Riobara.

Ubarana, a point of land of this name, whichis one of those that form the afore-mentionedbay.

L BATE, a head settlement of the district ofthe corresimiento of that name, in the new king-dom of Granada. Its climate is cold, but not toexcess, and produces in abundance the fruits pe-culiar to such a temperature ; especially wheat,potatoes, maize, apples and barley. In thechurch is worshipped a miraculous image ofChrist on the cross, to the sanctuary of whichthe people are impelled by devotion to come

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from the other provinces. It contains more than10,000 inhabitants, and was one of the first set-tlements of the kingdom which was converted bythe missionaries of the order of St. Francis, ofwhom it was for many years a doctrinal curacy.It is 29 miles n. n. w. of Santa Fe.

UBATUBA, a town of the province and cap-tainship of San Vicente in Brazil; situated onthe coast on a neck of land opposite the Isle ofPuercos.

Ubatuba, a lake of this name, in the sameprovince and kingdom, by the coast, on theshores of which the Portuguese have constructeda fort.

UBAY, a large and copious river of Peru. Ittakes its source from a lake which is formed bythe river Parapiti, or Apere, in the country andterritory of Isoso, and runs to the n. always in-clining to the n.n.w. more than 70 leagues. Itcrosses the country of the Chiquitos Indians andthe province of Los Moxos in the kingdom ofQuito, in which it enters much encreased by thewaters it has received from that of Itenes, oppo-site the entrenchment of Santa Rosa. This riveris also called Magdalena San Miguel, and for-merly Los Chiquitos. Its mouth is in lat. 11°57 / s.

UBAZA, a large settlement, in the time of theIndians, of the province and corregimvento of Ve-lez in the new kingdom of Granada ; it was con-quered by Gonzalo Ximenez Quesada in 1537,but is at present entirely ruined.

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