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Texas State Association of Architects Minutes and Proceedings



Austin Tex. Jan'y 19th 1886

Minutes of the proceedings of the Convention of Architects held at Austin Jan'y 19th 188

Meeting called to order by S A J Preston Committe on State Organization of (W.A.A) Western Association of Architects -

On motion of J N Preston [?] - W.W. Larmour was chosen temporary chairman and on motion of J. Andrewartha S A J Preston was chosen temporary secretary and Oscar Ruffini assistant-[sect'y?] -

The following by J N Preston was read and adopted - Resolved That it is the sense of this meeting that a state association of Architects lie now or [?] in this place

On motion letters were read from absent architects -

Moved by J Andrewartha that the chair appoint [a com?] or permanent organization caused the chair appointed the following Com. [Mep N. Tobey?], J.N. Preston, J. Andrewartha, W.C. Dodson, and J. J Kane -

Moved by A.M.C. Nixon that a recess be taken to all the Com. [?] - carried.

Meeting called to order and the [?] organization reported as follows. Mr. Chairman [your?] [?] on permanent organization have the honor to report as follows. For President J.J. Cain of Fort Worth. First Vice President J.N. Preston of Austin, Second Vice President Nathaniel Tobey of Galveston. Sect'y S A J Preston of Austin. Treasurer + Ass. Sect'y W.W. Lamour of Waco. Com. N. Tobey Chair J.J. Cain, W.C. Dodson, J N Preston, J Andrewartha, Sect'y

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Afternoon session 3 pm

Meeting called to order - President in the chair

The [Com?] on membership reported the following as charter members

[?] J.J. Kain of Fort Worth A.N. Dawson J.E. Flanders "Dallas" W.C. Dodson Waco W.W. Larmour [?] W.W. Dudley [?] Nathaniel Tobey Galveston N.J. Clayton " W.H. Lydall " J. Larmour Austin A.M.C. Nixon " J.N. Preston " S.A.J. Preston " Oscar Ruffini " Jn. Andrewartha " E. T. Heiner Houston Geo. E. Dickey " Alfred Giles San Antonio James Wahrenberger " Albert Beckmann "

Names accepted report adopted and [com?] discharged

By request the com on constitution and by law was allowed further time to report

After discussion by [?] Dodson Preston and Andrewartha in regard [?] it was decided by vote to defer

\left margin/ Also Haggart Fort Worth [J.W. ?] Kane [dr?]

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Mr. J.J. Kane Pres. T.S.A.A.

Your Executive Committe report the following following resolution adopted by [them?]: -

This committee has read information of a charge of unprofssional practice on the part of Alfred Giles, therefore be it

Resolved. That Mr. Giles [be?] [?] he is hereby suspended as a fellow of this Association until after his vindication of the charges now [resting?] against him in connection with the building of the El Paso Court House

W.C. Dodson

Chairman Ex Committee

The following resolution introduced by Mr. [?] was endorsed and ordered [?] on the minutes:

Resolved. That is [be?] required of every fellow of this [?] to report to the Executive Committee any deviation from the schedule of charges at this [?] by any member thereof -

On motions, a vote of [?] was tendered Mr [?] for the use of the parlors of "The [Driscoll?]" and alas to the [?] College for the use of their rooms.

On motion of Mr. Dodson, the Convention adjourned [?].

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