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The geographical and historical dictionary of America and the West Indies [volume 1]



seasons, and is flooded by waters rushing down through a neighbouring channel, and in fact Avould be hereby rendered iinitdiabitable, but for the mounds Avhich have been raised for its defence. One half of the city experiences in one day a variation of all the winds from n. to s. These winds, thus changing, are accompanied with great tempests of thunder and lightning. At one moment the heat which accompanies the n. wind is excessive, and at another the cold which accompanies the s. is intolerable. It is, indeed, to this cause that the number of sudden deaths which occur here are attributed. The city is small, and nearly of a square figure, but the buildings are superior to any in the province. It has three convents ; those of the religious order of St. Francis, St. Domingo, and La Merced, an hospital of Bethleraites, with the dedicatory title of San Roque ; two monasteries of nuns, tlie one of Santa Teresa, the other of Santa Clara, and two colleges with the titles of universities, it is the head of a bishopric, erected in 1570, and is very rich, owing to the great commerce which it carries on in mules bought in the province of Buenos Ayres, and fattened in the pastures here, for the purpose of being sold for the supply of the other provinces, and in fact of the whole of Peru. It abounds in all kinds of productions, and is 70 leagues from Santiago del Estero, to the s. in 62° 39'; long. 31° 20' s. lat. (For an account of the late revolutions of this place, see La Plata.)

Cordova, another city, in the province and government of Cumaná, founded by Gonzalo de Ocampo in 1525, near the sea-coast. It is so reduced and poor, that it does not deserve the name of a city. It is bounded by the Caribes Indians.

Cordova, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Castro Vireyna in Peru.

Cordova, another, of the province and government of Santa Marta in the kingdom of Tierra Firme, situate upon the coast. It was sacked by the English pirate Gauson in 1625.

CORDOVES, Rio Del, a river of the province and government of Buenos Ayres. It runs zo. and enters the Yazigua close to the pass of Chileno.

CORE, Bank of, an isle of the N. Sea, near the coast of S. Carolina, between those of Ocacook and Drum.

(Core Sound, on the coast of N. Carolina, lies s. of, and communicates with Pamlico.)

COREBO, a river of the province and government of Chocó. It rises in the valley of 'I'atave, at the foot of the mountains of Choco, and enters the Paganagandi.

CORENA, a port on the coast of the province

COR 51^

and captainship of the Rio Janeiro in Brazil, close to the island of Santa Maria.

CORENTE, a river of the kingdom of Brazil. It rises in the head of that of the Paraguas and the Verde, runs s, s.e. and enters the above river at mid-course.

CORENTIN, a river of the province and colony of Surinam, or part of Guayana in the Dutch possessions, according to the last advices ot the Father Bernardo Rosclla of the extinguished society, Avhich advices were received from the Dutch, and served, in 1745, to the making the map of this province and the Orinoco. It rises in the n. part of the famed lake Parime, which some have thought to exist merely in fable. It runs s. wateringtlie Dutch colonies; and five leaguesto the w. of Berbice, and to the s. e. of the Orinoco, empties itself into the sea, in 5° 22' n. lat. : at its entrance it is one league wide. The English call it Devil’s creek, which signifies Barranco del Diablo. In the interior of its course it has some sand-banks, which extend for three leagues, and render its navigation difficult, notwithstanding that at the low tide there arc still some channels of water. In this river are likewise three small well cultivated islands, lying in a direction from n. tov. They are very fertile, and covered with trees, and the soundings of the river about them varies from five to six fathoms.

CORETIQUI, a settlement of the province and corregimiento of Caxamarquilla in Peru.

CORIANA. See Coro.

CORIDON, Salinas de, salt grounds in the point and zo. head of the island of St. Domingo, on the shore of the port Pimiento.

CORIMPO, a settlement of the province of Cinaloa in Nueva Espaiia ; situate on the shore of the river Mayo, between the settlements of Hecojoa and Nabajoa.

(CORINTH, a township in Orange county, Vermont, z€. of Bradford, containing 578 inhabitants.)

CORIO, a settlement of the province and captainship of San Vincente in Brazil, on the shore and at tlie source of the river Uruguay.

CORIPATA, a settlement of the province and government of Canta in Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Atabillos Altos.

CORIPI, a river of the province and government of Guayana, iii the French possessions. It enters the sea between the Oiapoco and cape Orange.

CORIS, a settlement of the province and corregimiento oi Huailas in Peru, annexed to the curacy of Aija.

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