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M. P. Lindsey, Atlanta, Ga.; and on motion of Mr. L. F. Goodrich, the by-law regarding the Letter Ballot was suspended, and they were unanimously elected members of this Chapter.

The Board of Directors also recommended that such provisional action be taken by this Convention as will be necessary, and that the Secretary be requested to correspond further, with reference to membership, with the following named architects: Thos. Sully, Paul Andry, C. A. Favrot, and S. G. Delisle, New Orleans, La.; N. J. Clayton, Galveston, Tex.; J. F. Baumann, Knoxville, Tenn.; and A. DeLisle, Chattanooga, Tenn.; which on motion of Mr. Norrman was unani imously adopted.

On motion of Mr. Nixon it was resolved that the paper known as the "Southern Architect" be sustained by this Chapter, and be used as the official organ to spread before the public generally, the deliberations of all its meetings, and all other matters of interest to the profession.

On motion of Mr. Nixon the Secretary was instructed to prepare and have inserted in the "Southern Architect" an article extending an invitation to the architects of the Southern States, to join this Chapter.

An invitation from the architects of Birmingham, Ala.; was presented by Mr. Helmich to this Chapter, to hold the next annual meeting in their city; and on motion of Mr. L. F. Goodrich, the invitation was accepted, and it was decided, unanimously, that the next meeting be held in Birmingham by a rising vote.

On motion of Mr. Morgan a vote of thanks was tendered to the press, and to all persons who have contributed to the success and welfare of the meeting of the Chapter.

On motion of Mr. Woodruff the convention of the Chapter at twelve (12) o'clock M., adjourned, sine die.

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Western brethren in the profession and reap the benefits to be derived from a united interest in our chosen profession.

I will close by quoting a sentence taken from the Journal of Architecture, of Philadelphia, which expresses fully the object of our assembly to-day; "Architects as a fraternity should, by their intermingling and interchange of ideas, by their unremitted and unanimous action, and, if possible, in a broad and all-embracing organization, working from within by and upon its membership, attempt to render the methods and practice of architecture more uniform, raise the average standard of design, and by making all true criteria of architectural merit more generally known and more universally adopted, pave the only highway to the popularity of true architecture which seems at present to be open."

The President: 'The next thing in order is the report of the Board of Directors.

The Secretary : As sec'y of the Board of Directors I wish to state that but one meeting of the Board of Directors was held in 1892, which occurred at Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 1st. At this meeting the letter ballot, similar to that used by the A. I. A. was adopted. The Board of Directors also instructed the Secretary to have a Certificate of Membership engraved with such conditions shown in its face as render it void after the following annual meeting, a copy of which, properly filled out, to be given to each Fellow, upon the full payment of all dues for the current year. A copy of this certificate is herewith submitted for your consideration. It was further ordered that Fellows of the A. I. A. requesting membership in this Chapter be excused from furnishing photographs or other drawings as evidence of their professional ability, but in other respects the application blank to be filled out by each applicant and endorsed in the usual way.

The Board of Directors held a meeting this morning prior to the assembling of this Convention, and after considering the applications filed in proper form with the Secretary, they recommend for membership the following named architects, viz.: W. E. Hall, Winston, N. C.; Tom Wood, Sherman, Tex., ; C. H. Read, Jr.., Richmond, Va.; G. W. E. Field, Richmond, Va.; J. G. Barnwell, Rome, Ga.; C. C. Wilson, Roanoke, Va.; J. W. McClain, Birmingham, Ala.; E. W. Smith, Lexington, Ky.; Geo. W. Stewart, Dallas, Texas ; Harry D. Breeding, Huntsville, Ala.; P. S. Rabbit, Galveston, Tex.; J. A. Tempest, Houston, Tex.; W. A. Bird, Bir-

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mingham, Ala.; Wm. Stanton, Vicksburg, Miss.; W. Chamberlin, Knoxville, Tennessee; T. H. Abrahams, Charleston, South Carolina; B. B. Davis, Paducah, Kentucky; H. H. Huggins, Roanoke, Va.; F. L. Smith, Lexington, Kentucky; Geo. E. Dickey, Houston, Tex.; J. Riely Gordon, San Antonia, Tex.; Henry C. Holland, Houston, Tex.; C. W. Bulger, Galveston, Tex.; W. T. Walker, Montgomery, Alabama

On motion of Mr. Helmich the report of the Directors was adopted and ordered to be spread upon the Minutes of the meeting.

On motion of Mr. Goodrich the letter ballot was suspended and the above named architects were unanimously elected Fellows of this Chapter.

On motion of Mr. Wheelock the Chair appointed a committee (consisting of Mr. Lind and Mr. C. Wheelock) to notify the applicants present of their election.

The President: The next thing in order will be the report of the Committee on Charter.

The Secretary : As a member of this committee I beg to report that the Charter has been obtained from the American Institute of Architects, and is here for examination by the members present.

On motion of Mr. Goodrich the report of the committee was accepted and the committee discharged.

The President: The next thing in order will be the report of Committee on Seal.

The Secretary : As a member of this committee I beg to state that the design of the seal was chosen by your committee from a number of designs submitted, and the seal was engraved and furnished by the American Seal Works.

On motion of Mr. Goodrich the report of the committee was adopted and the committee discharged.

The President: Mr. Wheelock; Chairman of Local Committee of Reception, wishes to make a statement regarding the presence of members of the Legislature of Alabama, who are now in the city.

Mr. Wheelock: I wish to state that I have had a conference with several members of the Legislature regarding the anticipated bills to be presented to the Legislatures of the

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architects regarding the position that ''The Southern Architect" sustains to this Chapter, the members were earnestly requested to contribute to its columns and illustrations.

A discussion by several of the members brought out the fact that the By-Laws do not state specificaliy what should be considered as unprofessional conduct, and that preferring charges against a member for making drawings at a reduced price could be construed as a matter of opinion, and therefore further, as a matter of persecution: and that said By-Laws cannot be changed or amended except by publishing the fact at least thirty days before voting upon such a change; and in consideration of the desirability to have specific regulations regarding this and other points that were mentioned; upon motion of Mr. L. F. Goodrich a committee of three was appointed to revise the Constitution and By-Laws, and at as early date as possible, to have the Secretary send a copy of same to each Fellow (at least thirty days before our next annual meeting) and to give full notice that the same will be changed at that meeting. Which motion was unanimously carried, and the Chair appointed Messrs. Morgan, Lind and H. Wheelock, on said Committee.

On motion of Mr. D. A. Helmich the Conventmn adjourned till ten o'clock to-morrow morning.


The President: Before proceeding with the business before the Convention I wish to state that the hospitality of Berry Bros. has been tendered the architects present and that carriages will be in waiting when this meeting adjourns for dinner for a drive about the city.

On the motion of Mr. Lind it was determined that we will adjourn at 12.30 to accept the invitation so kindly tendered by Messrs. Berry Bros.

The President: Mr. Lind has a paper to read before this Convention on the "Relation of the Architectural Profession to the Public;" he will now read that paper.


Mr. President and Gentlemen:

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for societies to hold annual conventions, it seems equally necessary that some-

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Needs Review


28 The Southern Chapter, A. I. A.

committee consisting of L. F. Goodrich, D. B. Woodruff and F. L. Rosseau., who reported that in their opinion it is inexpedient at that time to take any action, and recommended that the resolution be laid upon the table. Upon motion of Mr. Lind the report of the committee was adopted.

At this point the Secretary stated that there had been a successful attempt made by some members of the Institute to have the dictionaries make a clear distinction between the "supervision" of work by architects and the "superintendence" of work, and that it was understood that such distinction would be in future editions of the dictionaries, and that it was high time that the profession generally were dropping the expression "superintendence," as applied to their "supervision" of work; as superintendence could be furnished only by persons who remained all the while on the building, and this was clearly the duty of the cleck of the works; and the expression "superintendence" should not be used in connection with architectural service.

Mr. Helmich : In view of the fact that the evening session will be occupied by the members of the Legislature, and the amount of work that is yet to be accomplished, it strikes me that we should go into the election of officers at this morning session instead of afternoon, as formerly decided upon, and since Mr. Burke has waived his objection to proceeding before hearing the report of the Committee on the Treasurer's Accounts, I move that we hear the report of the Nominating Committees now.

Which motion was carried.

Mr. D. A. Helmick, chairman of one of the committees, submitted the following recommendation : Mr. L. F. Goodrich for President, W. P. Tinsley for Vice-President, Mr. P. E. Dennis, Secretary and Treasurer. Directors: D. B. Wood, ruff, T. H. Morgan, Tom Wood, T. H. Maddox and C. C. Burke.

Mr. Chas. Wheelock, chairman of the other committee. made the following recommendation : Mr. L. F. Goodrich for President, Mr. E. G. Lind for Vice-President, and W. P. Tinsley for Secretary and Treasurer. Directors : C. C.

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