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Texas State Association of Architects Minutes and Proceedings

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Mr. J.J. Kane Pres. T.S.A.A.

Your Executive Committee report the following following resolution adopted by these: -

Whereas //left margin// This committee has rec'd [received] information of a charge of unprofssional practice on the part of Alfred Giles, therefore be it

Resolved //left margin// That Mr. Giles be and he is hereby suspended as a fellow of this Association until after his vindication of the charges now resting against him in connection with the building of the El Paso Court House.

W.C. Dodson. Chairman Ex Committee

The following resolution introduced by Mr. Heiner was endorsed and ordered spread on the minutes:

Resolved //left margin// That is be required of every Fellow of this Association to report to the Executive Committee any deviation from the schedule of charges at this Associaton by any member thereof -

On motion, a vote of thanks was tendered Mr. S.E. McIlhenry for the use of the parlors of "The Driskill" and alas to the Capitol Business College for the use of their rooms.

On motion of Mr. Dodson, the Convention adjourned sine-die.

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we now proceed with the election of officers for the ensuing year and the place of meeting and that the president appoint a committee of three members to nominate the officers.

The president appointed architects Heiner, Tobey, and Tyndall committee on nominations.

The committee reported the following members for nomination;

President, W. C. Dodson, Waco

First-Vice President James Wahrenberger San Antonio

Second-Vice President Cortez Clark, Dallas

Executive Committee _ J. J. Kane Fort Worth. Chairman, Nat'l Tobey, Dallas. A. O. Watson, Austin, W. H. Tyndall, Galveston, S. P. _ Herbert, Waco. _

Secretary, W. W. Larmour. Waco

Treasurer, E. J. Heiner, Houston

The report of the committee was received and the secretary was insturcted to cast one ballot for each of the officers.

On motion of E. J. Heiner the ballot was declared unanimous.

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