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twice with so much credit ; he entered upon the
government in the same year.

24. Sancho de Alquiza, a captain of infantry ;
who began to govern in the year 1601, and con-
tinued until the year 1610, when he was succeeded

25. Don Martin de Robles Villafañate, who go- ,
verned the province with great credit and prudence
until his death.

26. Don Francisco de la Hoz Berrio, native of
Santa Fe. He entered upon the government in
1616, and governed until the year 1622. He was
drowned returning to Spain in the fleet which was
lost in the falls of Metacumbe, close to the Ha-

27. Don Francisco Nuñez Melian, who suc-
ceeded the former, and governed until the year 1632.

28. Don Rui Fernandez de Fuenmayor, from
the last-mentioned year to 1638,

29. Don Marcos Gelder de Calatayud, a knight
of the order of Calatrava ; he was promoted here
from the government of Santa Marta in 1639, and
governed until the year 1644, when he died.

30. Don

31. Don

32. Don Pedro de Porras y Toledo, who began
to govern in 1660, and remained in office until
the year 1665.

33. Don

34. Don

35. Don

36. Don

37. Don Joseph Francisco de Cañas, colonel of
infantry, and knight of the order of St. Jago ; he
came over to Caracas under a particular commis-
sion in 1716, and became provisional successor on
account of the death of the proper governor.

38. Don Francisco de Portales.

39. Don Lope Carrillo.

40. Don Sebastian Garcia de la Torre, colonel
of infantry ; from the year 1730 to 1733

41. Don Martin de Lardizábal, alcalde del cri-
men of the royal audience of Aragon; who was
sent out with a commission to consider the griev-
ances of the province preferred against the com-
pany of Guipuzcoana.

42. The Brigadier-general Don Gabriel de Zu-
loaga. Count of Torre-alta, captain of the grena-
diers of the regiment of the royal Spanish guards ;
he governed from 1737 to 1742.

43. The Brigadier-general Don Luis de Castel-
lanos, also captain of the regiment of guards ; to

44. Don Fray Julian de Arriaga y Rigera Bai


lio, of the order of St. Juan ; vice-admiral of the
royal armada : he governed to 1752, when he was
promoted to the office of president of trade.

45. Don Felipe Ricardos, lieutenant-general of
the royal armies.

46. Don Felipe Ramirez de Esteñoz, a briga-

47. Don Joseph Solano y Bote, captain in the
royal armada ; to the year 1771, when he was pro-
moted to the presidency of St. Domingo.

48. The Brigadier-general the Marquis of La
Torre, knight of the order of Santiago ; he entered
Caracas in the aforesaid year, and governed until
the year 1772, when he was promoted to be go-
vernor of the Havannah.

49. Don Joseph Carlos de Aquiero, knight of
the order of St. Jago ; who had served in the war
of Italy as captain of the provincial grenadiers,
and afterwards in the regiment of Spanish guards :
he then held the government of Nueva Vizcaya,
and afterwards, on account of his singular disinte-
restedness, nominated to this in 1777 ; but he re-
turned to Spain.

50. Don Luis de Unzaga y Amezaga, colonel
of infantry : in the aforesaid year he left the go-
vernment of Louisiana for this, and exercised it
till the year 1784, when lie was promoted to the
Havannah, being succeeded by,

51. Don Manuel Gonzales, knight of the order
of St. Jago, brigadier of the royal armies ; he was
nominated as provisional successor.

52. The Colonel Don Juan Guillelmi, who had
served in the corps of artillery ; he was promoted
to the government in 1785.

CERNING THE City of Caracas.

1. Foundation. --- 2. Privileges. --- 3. Temperalure.
--- 4. Meteorology. --- 5. Cyanometrical observa-
tion. --- 6. Oxigen and nitrogen gas. --- 7. Va-
riation of the needle. --- 8. Inclination of the dip-
ping needle. --- 9. Situation. --- 10. Its waters. ---
11. Streets. --- 12. Public squares. --- 13. Houses.
--- 14. Public buildings. --- 15. Archbishopric. ---
16. Cathedral. --- 17. Religious customs. --- 18.
Religious costumes of the women. --- 19. Festi-
vals. --- 20. The stage, & c. --- 21. Inhabitants. ---
22. Freed persons or tradesmen. --- 23. The uni-
versity. --- 24. Police. --- 25. Communications with
the interior. --- 26. With Spain. --- 27. Geogra-
phical and statistical notices of the captainship-
general of Caracas, and present history.

1. Foundation. --- This city, situate in 10° 31'
n. lat. and 69° 3' w. long, from the meridian of
Paris, was founded by Diego Losada in 1567, 47]

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