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Bitlis River and the length of the city separates
their houses from the headquarters of the au-
thority. There is no police force anywhere
near them except a small post of ten
men on that side of the river. The
Kurds of Bitlis are very fanatical and are
insolent at all times. During the war of 1878
they attacked and looted many Christian
houses by armed force. The ladies of
the Mission seldom go out upon the streets with-
out having stones thrown at them. Once when
I was in Bitlis a party of us were severely stoned
and we never went out but what some stones
were thrown. The Kurds are all armed with
Government rifles, and when they become
excited against the Missionaries the plight of
the Missionaries is bad indeed.

I should not suppose that the Mission-
aries would wish a guard stationed at their
houses. It might cause a panic among all

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