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{written at a perpendicular angle along the upper left corner of the page: Mar 95
HO Dwight
danger at Moush
+ Bitlis}

Bible House Mch. 9, 1895

Hon. A. W. Terrell,
U.S. Minister,

Dear Sir,

The persistence with which Mr.
of Bitlis has declared that the Missionaries
in that city are in danger has doubtless seemed
to you inexplicable. It certainly has seemed so to
me. Only my knowledge of Mr. Cole and my con-
fidence in his judgement has led me to feel that
his appeals must be taken seriously. Mr. Cole is
troubled with a varicose vein in the leg. To ride
on horseback is horrible torture to him. His under-
taking under such circumstances the dangerous and
difficult journey to Moush seemed to prove in itself
that there is something which we do not understand
in the appeals for protection. I now have

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