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Geo S. Kane, Fort Worth
J. J. Kane, " "
J. Larmour, Austin
W. W. Larmour, Waco
Arthur A. Messer, Ft Worth
[J. S.?] Moad, Dallas
Burt McDonald, Austin
M. McQuirk Dallas
Alfred Muller, Galveston
P. S. Rabitt, "
Oscar Ruffini San Angelo
M. R. Sanguinet Ft Worth
Geo W Stewart Dallas
Nathaniel Tobey Dallas
Albert Ulrich Dallas
James Wahrenberger, San Antonio
A. O. Watson, Austin

Honorary Members.

E. J. Redfield - Galveston
Oscar Lynch, Fort Worth

The following motions were adopted:

That a vote of thanks be extended to the President and members of Commercial Club for other kind attentions, and also to the president and members of the Board of Trade for the use of the Chamber of Commerce [?] and Committee rooms also to the press of the city of Fort Worth.

[?] being 11:15 oclock P.M., a motion to adjourn and partake of the hospitalities of worthy citizens of Fort Worth under the conduct Col. Hurley

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