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For President Geo. W. Stewart.
" 1st V. Prest. Geo. E. Dickey.
" 2nd V " S. B. Haggart.
" Secy., A. O. Watson.
" Treas., S. P. Herbert.
" Ex. Com., Burt McDonald, chairman; Mr. Sanguinet, Albert Ulrich, R. S. Rabitt, Eugene J. Heiner.

On motion, the secretary was instructed to cast a balot in accordance with the report, and the election to be made unanimous.

Mr. Dicket seconded by Mr. Rabitt, put in Galveston as the peace for the holding of the next annual meeting, and there being no further nomination for the same, that city was received unanimously.

Mr. Wahrenberger put in his resignation, which was, however, not accepted.

The following is a list of members in good standing:
A. B. Bristol, Denison, Tx
Albert J Beckman, San Antonio, "
Geo. E. Dickey, Houston, "
C. C. Diboll, Dallas, "
C. A. Gill, ", "
J. R. Gordon, San Antonio, "
Alfred Giles, ", "
S. B. Haggart, Ft Worth, "
Eugene J Heiner, Houston, "
PAul Helwig, Austin, "
Sam P Hebert, Waco, "
Frank W. KAne, Ft Worth, "

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