Status: Needs Review

Seconded by Mr. Sanguinet.

Carried 6 to 3.

Mr. J. J. Kane put in his resignation. Seconded by Mr. Messer.

Moved by Dickey that the resignation be not accepted. Seconded by [Sanguinet?]. Mr. Dickey thought that if there were actions against Gordon they should be explained by the Executive Committee to the convention

Mr. Messer was sorry that his sponsor's name should be so freely used, and regretted such proceedings against his friend

Mr. Dickey wished to go into a committee of the whole + settle the matter, but it being generally agreed that such would hardly be consistent, and that time would not permit of such action.

On motion of Mr. Dickey, seconded by Gill, all questions bearing on the suspended member be referred back to the Executive Committee. Carried

Mr. Wahrenberger announced that he would not act on the committee any further in this matter, + the now executive committee would have to settle the differences

After further discussion regarding Mr. Gordon's remaining in the assn. and the discussion growing warm, Mr. J. J. Kane resigned from the assn. but it was not accepted.

The report of the Treasured was read:

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