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the late treasurer, Steiner, and if they could be produced.

Mr. Gordon wished to be excused while he was being discussed + was granted permission to leave the room.

The Secy had not the required papers with him, but Mr. Kane could rely on the books being correct. They were absolutely correct as far as the secretar's knowledge went and was surprised at Mr. Kane's want of confidence. Mr. Stewart had no object in shielding Gordon, never having met him until the day previous.

Mr. Gill hoped that ill feeling towards a member of the association would not be sustained

As members of the association we should endeavor to put grudges aside and work together for a common cause + regretted that any petty feelings or jealousies existed, and hoped, if other charges than those already brought forward could be [adduced?], now was time to look into them

Mr. Dickey regretted that there should be any such unpleasant personalities involved, + in order to draw it to a conclusion, begged to move the following resolution:

That the action of the Executive Committee regarding the expulsion or suspension of J. Riley Gordon be not sustained.

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