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Mr. Gordon asked how it was that the [?] name had been changed wherein he had nominated Mr. Messer, which Mr. Kane replied that association did not consider Mr. Gordon a member of the association, as he had been expelled at the last annual meeting as reference to the books would show + the secy would explain, so it was considered his [?] would not be in proper order, therefore another name was subsituted

Mr. Stewart announced that there was no proper reason for the same and that the charges were all founded and incorrect and that the member was still a member in good standing, unless the association as a body expelled him.

Mr. Wahrenberger said, the member (Mr. Gordon) was expelled outright at the last annual meeting of the association and would only have been reinstated with the consent of the executive committee

Mr. Gordon was surprised at this information; he had never been told that he was expelled; to the contrary he had received an announce of being fully paid up and was invited by the [secy?] to attend the annual convention and intimated to the secy that he would be present. He had receipts for paid up fees to date. He did not understand the circumstances

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