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hardly do for the association to make a choice to the dissatisfaction of other members.

Mr. Sanguinet thought that he might himself wish for the appointment to which Mr. Kane replied that he had already an understanding with the Dept. of Bldgs; that he had the place as good as secured.

Mr. Gill asked to be allowed to withdraw his motion as he was not aware that the other Fort Worth arch'ts were desirous of the position; he understood that the paper was simply an additional endorsement of an already appoint architect in chg.

Mr. Kane desired that the resolution be withdrawn, which the seconder, Mr. Haggart, agreed to.

The names of the newly elected were announced as follows:
C. C. Diboll, Dallas, recommended by Albert Ulrich + Geo. W. Stewart.
C. A. Gill, Dallas, recommended by Albert Ulrich + Geo. W. Stewart
J. S. [Moud?], Dallas, recommended by Albert Ulrich + Geo. W. Stewart
Paul Hellwig, Austin, recommended by S. P. Herbert and Jos. Wahrenberger
Oscar Lynch, Ft Worth, honorary member, recommended by Geo. E. Dickey and S. R. Haggart
Arthur A Messer, Fort Worth, recommended by Jos Wahrenberger + M R Sanguinet

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