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The names of W. H. Tyndall, of Galveston, and Geo. E. King, of El Paso, were struck from the roll of membership. A testimonial in the application of J. J. Kane for superintendent of public buildings at Ft Worth was read, as follows:

Whereas we have been informed that our worthy friend and member of T. S. A. A. J. J. Kane has made application for the resident superintendent of construction of the United States gov't about to be erected here at Ft Worth be it

Reserved, that we, the T. S. A. A. hereby heartily endorse the application of Mr. J. J. Kane as honest, competent and trustworthy in every respect, and that we believe Mr. Kane to be an excellent choice for the position

Mr. Gill moved, seconded by Haggart, that the application be endorsed by the T. S. A. A.

Mr. Dickey thought that our effort would be useless with the department, unless the federal superintendent of public buildings would endorse the application.

Political influence would also go a long way in securing the position

Mr. Ulrich understood that there were other members of teh association equally interested in the appointment and that it would

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