Status: Needs Review

Mr. Gordon spoke in favor of his resolution followed by Mr. Sanguinet.

Moved by Mr. Gill, seconded by Sanguinet, that the resolution be adopted.

On motion it was withdrawn.

Mr. Gill objects to the wording of the latter clause of the amendment and moved that it be omitted, [and?] that the resolution now read:

Be it reserved, that the T. S. A. A. hereby recommend to all committies contemplating the erection of public buildings the advisability of having one or more professional architects to assist them in the selection of designs therefor.

A standing vote being called for results in the adoption of the amendment.

Yeas - Ulrich, Gill, Messer + Dickey
Nays - Sanguinet, Gordon + Rabitt

Mr. Gordon seconded by Mr. Ulrich presents a resolution as follows:

That, for the advancement of professional intercourse and instruction,

Be it reserved, that each member bring or send to the next and subsequent conventions any drawings, sketches, moulds or other matter of interest to the profession and place the same on exhibition in some sutiable place alloted therefor by the local committee who will take charge of them and return

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