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A. Messer, Fort Worth;

And the secretary was requested to send telegrams to the newly elected members and some of the other members, requesting their attendance on the following day.

A poilite note was received from the commercial club, extending an invitation to the non-resident and visiting architects to be their guests during their stay in the city. On motion a vote of thanks and acceptance was extended to the club on their [courtesies?].

The Executive Committee withdrew, and there being no quorum it was moved by Haggart, seconded by Herbert that the meeting now adjourn till Wednesday morning



Wednesday - Morning Session

The meeting called to order by Pres. Wahrenberger at 11:05 o'clock, there being presents Messrs. Dickey, Gill, Gordon, Haggart, Hebert, J. J. Kane, Rabitt, Stewart, Ulrich and Wahrenberger.

Hon. member G. J. Redfield, of Galveston was present.

The president opened the proceedings by making a short verbal address.

The minutes of the last annual meeting were read, and on motion approved.

Mr. J. J. Kane, chairman of the Executive Committee, explained that further time would be required before he could present his report, as some paper of great importance

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