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Minutes of the Executive Committe of The Texas State Association of Architects here in San Antonion Tex January 21st 1890

The meeting was called to order by chairman J. J. Kane at 4 00 PM Present James Wahrenberger, A. O. Watson, forming a quorum.

The applications of S. B. Haggart of Fort Worth recommended by J. J. Kane, A. O. Watson & James Wahrenberger, ballot taken and the applicants [?] elected.

The application of Alfred [?] of Galveston recommended by James Wahrenberger and A. O. Watson, ballot taken and the applicants [?] elected.

The resignation of W. C. [Dodson?] was received and by action of the committee the resignation was accepted.

On motion of A. O. Watson the secretary was [?] to notify the members of the association to the annual [?], and that the president issue a notice for the meeting regulated to commence at Dallas on the second Tuesday 13th day of May 1890. Carried

Motion to adjourn to meet at Dallas [?]

W. W. Larmour
T. S. A. A.

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