Status: Needs Review

Section 6 adopted as [presented?]
" 7 " " "
" 8 " " "

Section 9 so amnded that after the word for the aforesaid because

Section 10 amended by inserting after the word "board" of examiners

Section 11 adopted as presented
" 12 " " "

The Comm on revision of the consitution and by laws architects J J Kane, Sam P Herbert, and Eugene T Heiner reported no changes necessary and [?] to be discharged from further consideration on the subject

On motion of Natl Tobey the committee was discharged

The following resolution resolution was offered by Burt McDonald of Austin

Resolved - That the uniform contract adopted by the American Institute of Archts, the Western Association of Archs and the National Association of Builders be adopted by the Texas State Association of Archts and recommended for their use when practicable. Resolution adopted

After an [?] discussion between members it was moved by Geo E Dickey that the chair appoint a committee of three member to report at the evening session upon a uniform contract between client and architect. Carried

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