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examine all applicants for licenses who comply with the following conditions, vig: (A) All who are engaged in the practice of architecture at the time of the passage of this act and not members of the Texas State Association of Architects, or who may desire to practice the profession of architecture hereafter in the state of Texas. (B) Any graduate of a university, scientific or technical college of architecture.

Section 6.

All nominations shall be made directly by said board and shall extend over the entire field of the construction of buildings with special reference to a test of the knowledge of the candidate of the strength of materials, and of his ability to make practical application of such knowledge in the ordinary professional work of the architect and should also seek to determine his knowledge of the laws of sanitation as applied to buildings.

Section 7.

A license to practice architecture within the limits of this state shall be issued by said board to each candidate (including architects from other states) who has fulfilled the above

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