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of the secretary of state, and the said board shall have the power to administers oaths and to solicit and receive testimony on all matters relating to its duties. Said board shall hold its meetings at the state capital at least twice a year and at such times as it may elect and due notice shall be published of the time and place of such meetings of said board and three members shall for a quorum.

Section 4.

Said board of examiners of architects shall receive application for licenses and act upon them as follows: all architects who are at the time of the passage of this act members of the Texas State Association of Architects, and shall produce a state mint to that effect under seal of the secretary of said association and if at a meeting of said board held thirty days or more after such application [they?] be found competent and no good objection be made to the granting of a license said board shall issue to each of said person license to practice architecture within the limits of this state without subjecting him to further examination.

Section 5.

The said board shall

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