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their deciling years. Therefore
let us, one and all, set examples
for those that are to follow, as
well as make honorable records
for ourselves. Then we will
elevate ourselves and our pro-
-fession to a standard that will
be respected and honored.

I fear I am wearying
you, but a word on competition
and I am done. I am opposed
to compitition on general prin-
-ciples. I think we should never
enter into private compitition
believing it soholly unprofession-
-al, but force the proprietor to
select an Architect and go into
as little public work as it is
possible, as I believe it has a
tendency to demoralize and cause
deception and dishonor, always
a large amount of time lost!
with but very small returns,
Gentlemen, I believe I have
said enough, I have endeavored
to be brief, and to the point, and if
I have seeminly apeard to be
personal please pardon me, as
it was not intentional, I have
thrown out hints, made suggesions
and recommendations from my
own stand point, and uf there are
those present who honestly differ
with me in their convictions, I
would like to hear from them when
in order, I will now close with a

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