Status: Incomplete

-cation and detail drawings 5 percent;

Discussions were made on the resolutions by architects Eugene T. Heiner, Sam P. Herbert and W. W. Larmour, who favored the same, and Nat'l Tobey, W. H. Trundall, W. C. Dodson and A. O. Watson against resolution.

Motion by W. C. Dodson seconded by Nat'l Tobey that the resolution be referred to the the ecevutive committee for their consideration and that they report the same back to the convention with such recommendations or alterations or additions before the final adjournment of the convention. Carried.

An invitation received from Messers. Bering Bros to visit their extensive manfufactory was read and thanks returned.

Moved by Nat'l Tobey to adjourn to 9.30 A.M. Wednesday, Januart 18th. Motion prevailed.

Wednesday Morning Session

The convention was called to order at 10.30 A.M. President J. J. Kane in the chair.

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