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clients, and with gentlemen engaged in the same profession, we desire that all such persons out to belong to our associations, that all might practice in strict accordance with the rules of the Texas State Associations of Architects. To this the well known motto applies:

"In union there is strength""

When the application is made to our Association for admission by any gentleman who posses all the qualities & actions to entitle him to admission and a hearty welcome and a full fellowship with us; I would not believe that any member of our association would, for a moment, let any private or personal consideration influence his mind in casting his vote on the rejection or admission of a member to our Association. But, gentlemen, we must not forget for one moment but but it in mind, what we owe to ourselves and to the profession to which we belong. That it is our duty as honorable men to refuse admittance to those who have nto received the

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