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passage of a bill to regulate the practice of architecture in our state that same as kindred associations are doing in other states. This bill gentlemen is a matter of very great importance for the future welfare and standing of the practice of our profession in the state, and it is to be hope that earnest and vigorous action will be taken by this Convention that will not fail to keep this subject alive and before our representatives to enable us at the earliest day to obtain the passage of a bill by the legislature of Texas that will place our profession in the position it rightfully and properly belongs; to enable us to protect our own professional practice and prevent unprofessional practices in our state.

The importance of giving this subject our best attention cannot be overestimated in consideration of the future welfare of the practice of architecture in our state. It is our wish and desire that all gentlement who are at present and who have been for some time part exclusively engaged in the practice of our profession in this state, whose past record is good for honorable practice for fair and honorable dealings which their

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