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Although our Association is young in years, our profession is as old as man, and if any one profession, honorably practiced by man at the present time, ought to honored and esteemed above all others, that profession ought to be ours. For the savior of the world if he was not an architect. [Holy writ?] tells us [he?] at least was a carpenter, which trade has been preparatory school to educate and send forth some of the best and [abled?] architects in our land.

He must be guided and governed by a true spirit of kindness and fraternal friendships of one for the other, and all subjects that may and will be prepared before this Convention for the government, welfare and prosperity of this Association, it will be expected that each and every member will express this view fully and freely, in order that the best light and information may be brought forth [?] all subjects. That such actions only shall be taken as will be best for the future welfare and prosperity of our Association.

Your [?] will be called to urgent necessity of a renewed effort for the purpose of procuring the

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