Status: Needs Review

Afternoon session 3 pm

Meeting called to order - President in the chair

The [Com?] on membership reported the following as charter members

[?] J.J. Kain of Fort Worth A.N. Dawson J.E. Flanders Dallas W.C. Dodson Waco W.W. Larmour [?] W.W. Dudley [?] Nathaniel Tobey Galveston N.J. Clayton " W.H. Lydall " J. Larmour Austin A.M.C. Nixon " J.N. Preston " S.A.J. Preston " Oscar Ruffini " Jn. Andrewartha " E. T. Heiner Houston Geo. E. Dickey " Alfred Giles San Antonio James Wahrenberger " Albert Beckmann "

Names accepted report adopted and [com?] discharged

By request the com. on constitution and by law was allowed further time to report

After discussion by [?] Dodson Preston and Andrewartha in regard to standing it was decided by vote to defer

\left margin/ Also Haggart Fort Worth F.W. Kane [dr?]

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