Status: Needs Review

Moved by J Andrewartha that the names recommended by the Com. be considered elected unanimously [named?]

J.J. Cain was escorted [to?] the cair by Mr. J N Preston, in a few [appropriate?] remarks he thanked the [?] for the honor [confessed?] -

An address of welcome was then by J. Andrewartha

Moved by J N Preston that a vote of thanks be [accolated?] to Mr. Andrewartha for his eloquent address which was carried.

Moved that the said address was to the published and embodied in the proceedings of the convention

Moved by W.W. Lamour that the chair appoint a [Com?] on membership, which was [?] - the chair appointed Mr. Andrew.

Moved by J.N. Preston that a [Com?] on constitution by-laws be appointed. Carried the chair appointed [?] Preston, Andrewartha + Dodson.

Moved that to procure a [Com?] charter be appointed carried. The chair appointed [?] J. Larmour, A M C Nixon, O. Ruffini and the secretary

Moved to adjourn until 3 pm caused

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