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Dabaiba, an imaginary and fabulous river,
which some travellers would fain have to be in the
mountains of Abide. Amongst the many rivers,
however, which flow down from that cordillera,
we find no one of this name in the ancient or mo-
dern charts of the best geographers.

DABOYAN, a settlement of the province and
government of Cinaloa== in ==Nueva España ; situate
between the rivers Mayo== and Fuerte.

DACADMA, a lake of the province and
country of the Amazonas, in the territory pos-
sessed by the Portuguese. It is formed by an arm
or waste- water of the river Marañon, which returns
to enter that river, leaving this lake; and at a
small distance from it is another, called Cudaja.

DACARRON, a large and convenient bay of
the Malvine or Falkland isles, on the w. part of
the principal one. Here the French peopled this
settlement, and the castle of S. Louis, in 1763.

DACINO, a river of the province of Pasto in
the kingdom of Quito, to the s. It runs from n.
to s. and enters the Coca on the n. side, in lat.
30' s.

DADO, a small settlement or ward of the head
settlement of Tlazintla, and ulculdia manor of Ix-
miquilpan, in Nueva España.

DAEMA, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Buenos Ayres. It is small, and runs e.
[DAGSBOROUGH, a post-town in Sussex


county, Delaware ; situated on the n. w. bank of
Peper’s creek, a branch of Indian river, and con-
tains about 40 houses. It is 19 miles from Broad
hill, or Clowe’s, and 127 s. from Philadelphia.!

DAJABON, a river of the island of St. Do-
mingo, in the part possessed’ by the French. It
rises near the n. coast, runs n^n. w. and enters the
sea in the bay of Manzanillo.

DALBY, a settlement of the island of Barba-
does, in the district of the parish of St. Joseph ;
situate near the w, coast.

DALES-GIFT, a city of the province and co-
lony of Virginia.

[DALTON, a fine township in Berkshire
county, Massachusetts, having Pittsfield on the
w. ; and contains 554 inhabitants. The stage
road from Boston to Albany runs through it.
Dalton was incorporated in 1784, and lies 135
miles ay. by n. of Boston, and about 35 the same
course from Northampton.]

[Dalton, a township in Grafton county. New
Hampshire, first called Apthorpe, ivas incorporated
in 1784, and has only 14 inhabitants. It lies on
the e. bank of Connecticut river, at the Fifteen-
mile falls, opposite Concord, in Essex county,

DAMAQUIEL, a river of the province and go-
vernment of Darien in the kingdom of Tierra
Firme. It rises in the sierras or mountains of

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