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residences here, it has fallen into decay ; and al-
though it is now reduced to a small town, the-4itle
of Capital has not been taken from it. Its only
inhabitants are those who own some estates in its
district, and this forms a government subordinate
to that of the Havana. [The damage done by the
earthquake of October 1810, to the shipping at tlie
Havana, was computed at 600,000 dollars.; the
injury at St. Jago could not be correctly estimated,
but the loss of the lives at both places was believed
to be not fewer than 350. In long. 76° 3', and
lat. 20° r.l

CUBAGUA, an island of the N. sea, near the
coast of Tierra Firme, discovered by tiie Admiral
Christopher Columbus. It is three leagues in
circumference, and is barren, but has been, -in
former times, celebrated for the almost incredible
abundance of beautiful pearls found upon the
coast, the riches of which caused its commerce to
be very great, and promoted the building in it
the city of New Cadiz; but at present, since the
fishery is abandoned, this town has fallen entirely
into decay, and the island has become desert. It
is a little more than a league’s distance from the
island of Margareta, in lat. 10° 42' n.

CUBAZ, a settlement of the province and cap-
tainship of San Vincente in Brazil ; situate between
the rivers Pedroza and Recisto.

CUBIGIES, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Riobamba in the kingdom of Quito.

CUBILLI, a lake of the kingdom of Quito,
in the province and corregimiento of Alausi, near
the paramo or mountain desert of Tioloma.

CUBZIO, a settlement of the corregimiento
of Bogota in the Nuevo Reyno de Granada;
situate ort the shore of the river Bogota, near the
famous waterfal of Tequendama. Its climate is
agreeable and fertile, and it abounds in gardens
and orchards, in which are particularly cultivated
white lilies, these meeting with a ready sale for
ornamenting the churches of Santa Fe and the
other neighbouring settlements.

CUCAITA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Tunja in the Nuevo Reyno de
; situate in a valley which is pleasant,
and of a cold and healthy temperature. It pro-
duces in abundance very good wheat, maize,
truffles, and other fruits of a cold climate ; here
are some fiocks of sheep, and of their wool are
made various woven articles. It is small, but never-
theless contains 23 families and 50 Indians. It
is a league and an half to the s. w. of Tunja, in
the road which leads from Leiba to Chiquinquira
and Velez, between the settlements of Samaca and

CUCHERO, San Antonio de, a settlement
of the province and government of Guanuco in
Peru ; situate at the source and head of the river

CUCHIGAROS, a barbarous nation of In-
dians, little known, who inhabit the shores of the
river Cuchigara, which enters the Maranon, and
is one of the largest of those which are tributary
to the same. The natives call it Purus ; it is na-
vigable, although in some parts abounding with
large rocky shoals, and is filled with fish of dif-
ferent kinds, as also with tortoises ; on its shores
grow maize and other fruits : besides the nation
aforesaid, it has on its borders those of the Gti-
maiaris, Guaquiaris, Cuyaeiyayanes, Curucurus,
Quatausis, Mutuanis, and Curigueres ; these last
are of a gigantic stature, being 16 palms high.
They are very valorous, go naked, have large
pieces of gold in their nostrils and ears ; their set-
tlements lie two long months’ voyage from the
mouth of the river.

CUCHILLO, San Pedro del, a settlement
of the mission which is held by the religious order
of St. Francis, in the precinct of New Mexico.

CUCHILLO, with the addition of Parado, ano-
ther settlement of the missions of the province of
Taraumara, and kingdom of Nueva Vizcaya ;
situate on the shore of the river Conchos.

CUCHIN, a small river of the territory of
Cuyaba in Brazil. It runs n. and enters the
Camapoa; on its shore is a part called La Es-
tancia, through which the Portuguese are accus-
tomed to carry their canoes on their shoulders, in
order to pass from the navigation of this latter river
to that of the Matogroso.

CUCHIPIN, a small river of the same kingdom (Brazil)
and territory as the two former. It rises in the
mountains of the Caypos Indians, runs n. n» w. and
enters the Taquari.

CUCHIPO, a river of the kingdom of Brazil,
in the same territory as the former. It rises in the
mountains, and runs w.

CUCHIRIHUAY, a settlementof the province
and corregimiento of Chilques and Masques in
Peru ; annexed to the curacy of Pampachucho.

CUCHIUARA, or Cuckiguara, an island of
the province and country of Las Amazonas, in the
part possessed by the Portuguese. It is in the river
of its name, at the sama mouth by which it
enters the Maranon.

CICHIUERO, a river of the province and
government of Guayana or Nueva Andalucia. It
rises in the sierra of Mataguaida, runs n. and
enters the Ytari.

CUCHUMATLAN, a settlement of the king-

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