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rises in the hi<>'h lands of the Cfierokecs country,
and joining Tallapoose, forms Alabama river. Its
course is generally s. running through the conntry
of the Natchez, and other tribes of the Upper
Creeks, the roughest and most broken of the whole
nation. It is rapid, and full of rocks and shoals,
hardly navigable for canoes.)

(COOSAWATCHIE, or Coosahatchie, a
post-town in Beaufort district, S. Carolina; situ-
ated on the s. w. side of Coosa river, over which a
bridge has been lately erected. It is a flourishing
place, having about 40 houses, a court-house, and
gaol. The courts formerly held at Beaufort are
held here. It is 33 miles from Beaufort, and 77
ze. ». w. of Charleslon.)

(COOTSTOWN, in Berks county, Pennsyl-
vania, is situated on a branch of Sauhoca creek, a
branch of the Schuylkill river. It contains 40
houses, and a German, Lutheran, and Calvinist
church united. It is 17 miles n. n. e. of Reading,
and 73 n. w. by n. of Philadelphia.)

COPA, a settlement of the province and corre-
gimiento of Larecaja in Peru ; annexed to the cu-
racy of Ambana.

Copa, another settlement, in the province and
corregimiento of Caxatambo in the same kingdom ;
annexed to the curacy of Mangas.

Copa, a large and copious river of the kingdom
of Quito, which runs n. e. enters the Cipre to the
n. and the Quinindi to the s. ; then joins the
Blanco on the w. side, a little before this unites it-
self with the Guaillabamba, and forms the Esme-
raldas. Its mouth or entrance is in lat. 2Q' n.

COPACAUANA, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Omasuyos in Peru ; situate
on a loner strip of land which runs into the great
lake of Titicaca or Chucuito. Here is venerated
an image of Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria,
which, in 1583, was put into a temple, very sump-
tuous, and of fine architecture, riches, and orna-
ments. The same is a sanctuary of the greatest
devotion, and most resorted to of any in Peru.

COPACAUANA, another settlement, in the pro-
vince and corregimiento of Paria in the same

COPACAUANA, another, of the missions which
were held by the regulars of the company of the
Jesuits, in the province of Gayrá, and govern-
ment of Paraguay ; situate on the shore of a small
river which enters the Parana, and on the skirt
of a mountain to the s. e. of the city of Gayra,
which was destroyed by the Portuguese of San

COPACAUANA, a point or long strip of land of
lake Titicaca, which serves as a limit to the


province of Umamarca, in the province of Uma-

COPAMALA, a settlement of the province and
alcaldia mayor of Los Zoques in the kingdom of

COPAIQUE, a setlement of the province and
corregimiento of Larecaja in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Ambana.

COPALA, a province of the alcaldia mayor of
Nueva España ; bounded n. w. by that of Chia-
metla or Chametlan. It is a mountainous coun-
try, abounding in wax, honey, and some sugar-
cane, from which sugar is made in various mills.
Its population of Indians is but small, and these
fot the most part occupy themselves in fishing ;
an employment which is readily afforded them by
the copious river Mazatan. It is of a very hot
temperature, and has many silver mines, which
are worked to tolerable advantage. Some salines
also on the sea-shore are not less lucrative ; and
here there is a small port. This province has been
frequently invaded by enemies. Near the river
Piastla, which also waters this province, the re-
gulars of the company of Jesuits held some mis-
sions, where there had been formed three settle-
ments of Indians, reduced to the Catholic faith.
The capital is the town called Del Rosario, and
the other settlements are,

Mazatan, Charcas, the same,

Copala, real of the Cosela, the same,
mines, San Xavier de Cavasan.

Copala, with the dedicatory title of San Juan,
a settlement and head settlement of the alcaldia
mayor of Tepozcolula in Nueva Espana. It is
of a hot temperature, pleasant, and abounding , in
fruits. It contains 104 families of Indians, and is
15 leagues w. by s. of its capital.

Copala, another settlement in the head settle-
ment of Tuzcacuesco, and alcaldia mayor of
Amola, in the same kingdom. It contains 32 fa-
milies of Indians, and is five leagues to the n. of
its head settlement.

Copala, another settlement and real of the
silver mines of the province and alcaldia mayor
of its name ; situate to tlie n. of the capital.

COPALLEN, an ancient province of the In-
dians, to the s. of the city of Jaen de Bracamoros
in the kingdom of Quito. As yet its limits are not
known ; but it is full of woods, uncultivated, and

COPALLIN, a settlement of the province and
government of Jaen de Bracamoros in the king-
dom of Quito.

COPAN, Santa Maria de, a settlement of
the alcaldia mayor of Córdova in Nueva Espana;

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