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appears to have been a settlement towards the n,
of the island, from some vestiges still remaining.
It is at present frequented only by some of the in-
liabitants of Chepo, who cultivate and gather here
oral^ges, lemons, and plantains of an excellent fla-
vour, which are found here in abundance. In
lat. 8^ 57' n.

CHEPO, San Christoval de, a settlement
of the province and kingdom of Tierra Firme, and
government of Panama ; situate on the shore of
the river Mamoni ; is of a kind temperature, fer-
tile and agreeable, though little cultivated. The
air is however so pure that it is resorted to by
invalids, and seldom fails of affording a speedy
relief. It has a fort, which is an esfacada, or sur-
rounded with palisades, having a ditch furnished
with six small cannon, and being manned by a
detachment from the garrison of Panama, for the
purpose of suppressing the encroachments of the
infidel Indians of Darien. This territory was dis-
covered by Tello Guzman in 1515, who gave it
the name of Chepo, through its Cazique Chepauri,
in 1679. It was invaded by the pirates Bartholo-
mew Charps, John Guarlem, and Edward Bol-
men, when the settlement Avas robbed and destroy-
ed, and unheard-of prosecutions and torments
were suffered by the inhabitants. Fourteen leagues
nearly due e. of Panama, [and six leagues
from the sea ; in lat. 9° 8' «.]

CHEQUELTI, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Chilcas and Tarija in Peru ; an-
nexed to the curacy of its capital.

(CHEQUETAN, or Seguataneio, on the
coast of Mexico or New Spain, lies seven leagues
w. of of the rocks of Seguataneio. Between this
and Acapulco, to the e. is a beach of sand, of 18
leagues extent, against which the sea breaks so
violently, that it is impossible for boats to land on
any part of it ; but there is a good anchorage for
shipping at a mile or two from the shore during
the fair season. The harbour of Chequetan is very
hard to be traced, and of great importance to
such vessels as cruise in these seas, being the most
secure harbour to be met with in a vast extent of
coast, yielding plenty of wood and water; and
the ground near it is able to be defended by a few
men. When Lord Anson touched here, the
place was uninhabited.)

CHEQUIN, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Maúle in the kingdom of Chile,
and in the valley or plain of Tango, near the river
Colorado. In its vicinity, toAvards the s. is an
estate called El Portrero del Key, at the source of
the river Maipo.

CHERA, a river near Colan, in the province of
Quito in Peru, running to Amotage ; from Avhence
Paita has its fresh Avatcr.

CHERAKEE. See Cherokee.

CHERAKIKAU, a river of the province and
colony of South Carolina. It runs e. and enters
the river Cliuvakansty. On its shore is a small
settlement of Indians of the same name.

CHERAKILICHI, or Apalachicola, a fort
of the English , in the province and colony of Georgia,
on the shore of the river Apalachicola, and at the con-
flux, or where this river is entered by the Caillore.

CHERAN EL Grande, S. Francisco de, a
settlement of the head settlement of Siguinan, and
alcaldia mayor of Valladolid, in Nueva Espana,
contains 100 families of Curtidores Indians, and is
a little more than half a league from its head set-

CHERAPA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiernto of Piura in Peru, on the confines of
the province of Jaen de Bracamoros, upon the river
Tambarapa, is of a hot and moist temperature,
and consequently unhealthy ; and is situate in the
royal road which leads from Lpxa through Aya-
baca and Guancabamba to Tomependa, a port of
the river Maranon.

(CHERAWS, a district in the upper country of
South Carolina, having North Carolina on the
n. and n. e. Georgetown district on the s. e. and
Lynche’s creek on the s. w. which separates it
from Camden district. Its length is about 83
miles, and its breadth 63 ; and is subdivided into
the counties of Darlington, Chesterfield, and Marl-
borough. By the census of 1791, there were
10,706 inhabitants, of Avhich 7618 were white in-
habitants, the rest slaves. It sends to the state
legislature six representatives and two senators ;
and in conjunction Avith Georgetown district, one
member to congress. This district is watered by
Great Peter river and a number of smaller streams,
on the banks of vdiich the land is thickly settled
and Aveli cultivated. The chief towns are Green-
ville and Chatham. The court-house in this dis-
trict is 52 miles from Camden, as far from Lum-
berton, and 90 from Georgetown. The mail stops
at this place.]

CHERIBICHE, a port of the province and
government of Venezuela, to the w. of the settle-
ment of Guaira.

CHERIGUANES. See Chiriguanos.

CHERILLA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Caxamarca in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of its capital.

CHERINOS, a river of the province and go-

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