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CHATACANCHA, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Huarochiri in Peru ; annexed
to the curacy of Olleros.

(CHATA-HATCHI, or Hatchi, is the largest
river which falls into St. Rose’s bay in W. Florida.
It is also called Pea river, and runs from n. e. en
tering the bottom of the bay through several
mouths, but so shoal that only a small boat or
canoe can pass them. Mr. Hutchins ascended this
river about 25 leagues, where there was a small
settlement of Coussac Indians. The soil and tim
ber on the banks of the river resemble very much
those of Escambia.)

CHATAHOUCHI, a settlement of Indians of
Georgia, in which the English have an establish
ment. It is situate on the shore of the river Apala

CHATAS, some islands of the N. sea, which
are very small and desert, and lie to the n. of the
island of Ynagua.

(CHATAUCHE, or Chatahuthe, a river in
Georgia. The n. part of Apalachiola river bears
this name. It is about SO rods wide, very rapid,
and full of shoals. The lands on its banks are light
and sandy, and the clay of a bright red. The
lower creeks are settled in scattering clans and vil
lages from the head to the mouth of this river.
Their huts and cabins, from the high colour of the
clay, resemble clusters of new-burned brick kilns.
The distance from this river to the Talapose river,
is about 70 miles, by the war-path, which crosses
at the falls, just above the town of the Tucka

(CHATAUGHQUE Lake, in Ontario county.
New York, is about 18 miles long, and three broad.
Conewango river, which runs a s. s. e. course,
connects it with Alleghany river. Tliis lake is
conveniently situated fora communication between
lake Erie and the Ohio ; there being water enough
for boats from fort Franklin on the Alleghany to
the n. w. corner of this lake ; from thence there is
a portage of nine miles to Cliatanghque harbour on
lake Erie, over ground capable of being made a
good waggon road. This communication was once
used by the French.)

CHATEAU, a settlement of New France, in
which the French have a castle and establishment,
on the shore of the river St. Lawrence.

CHATEAUX, a small river of the country and
land of Labrador. It runs s. and enters the sea in
the strait of Belleisle.

(CHATHAM, a maritime township in Barn
county, Massachusetts ; situate on the ex
terior extremity of the elbow of cape Cod, conve-

niently for the fishery ; in which they have usually
about 40 vessels employed. It has 1140 inhabi
tants, and lies 95 miles s. e. of Boston. See Cape

(Chatham, a township in Grafton county,
New Hampshire, it Avas incorporated in 1767,
and in 1790 contained 58 inhabitants.)

(Chatham, a flourishing township in Middlesex
county, Connecticut, on the e. bank of Connecticut
river, and opposite Middleton city, it was a part
of the township of Middleton till 1767.)

(Chatham, a township in Essex county, N. Jer
sey, is situated on Passaic river, 13 miles zd. of
Elizabethtown, and nearly the same from New

(Chatham, a township of Columbia county,
New York. By the state census of 1796, 380 of
its inhabitants were electors.)

(Chatham County, in Hillsborough district,
N. Carolina, about the centre of the state. It con
tains 9221 inhabitants, of whom 1632 are slaves.
Chief town, Pittsburg. The court-house is a few
miles w. of Raleigh, on a branch of Cape Fear

(Chatham, a town of S. Carolina, in Cheraws
district ; situate in Chesterfield county, on the w.
side of Great Pedee river. Its situation, in a highly
cultivated and rich country, and at the head of a
navigable river, bids fair to render it a place of
great importance. At present it has only about 30
houses, lately built.)

(Chatham County, in the lower district of
Georgia, lies in the n. e. corner of the state, having
the Atlantic ocean e. and Savannah river n. e. It
contains 10,769 inhabitants., including 8201 slaves.
The chief toAvn is Savannah, tlie former capital of
the state.)

(Chatham or Punjo Bay, a large bay on the
w. side of the s. end of the promontory of E. Flo
. It receives North and Delaware rivers.)

(Chatham House, in the territory of the Hud
son bay company. Lat. 55° 28' n. Long. 97*
32' w. from Greenwich.)

CHAUCA, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Guarochiri in Peru; annexed to
the curacy of Casta.

Chauca, another settlement, in the province
and corregimiento of Canta ; annexed to the curacy
of Pari.

CHAUCAIAN, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Huailas in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Caxacai, in the province of Caxa

CHAUCHILLOS, a settlement of the province

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