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and pleasantly situated. Before the deslrnction of
til is town by the British in 1775, several brandies
of mannfadures were carried on to great advan-
tage, some of which have been since revived : par-
ticularly tlic manufacture of pot and pearl ashes,
ship-building, rum, leather in all its branches,
silver, tin, brass, and pewter. Three rope-walks
have lately been erected in this town, and tlie in-
crease of its houses, population, trade, and naviga-
tion, have been very great within a few' years past.
This town is a port of entry in conjunction with
Boston. At the head of the neck there is a bridge
over Mystic river, which connects Charlestown with

CHARLESTOWN, another city of the island of
Nevis, one of the Caribes, in the Antilles ; in w Inch
there are beautiful houses and shops well provided
with every thing ; is defended by a fort called
Charles. It has a market every Saturday, begin-
ning at sun-rise and finishing at mid-day, whither
the Negroes bring 'maize, names, garden-herbs,
fruits, &c. In the parish of San Juan is a piece
of sulphureous land, in the upper extremity of an
opening of the land, called Solfatara, or Sulphur
gut, which is so hot as to be telt through the soles
of the shoes when being trodden upon. At the
foot of the declivity of this same part of the city,
is a small hot stream, called the Bath, which being
supposed to rise from the aforesaid spot, loses itself
shortly in the sand. Towards the side lying next
the sea are two fountains, one of hot water, the
other of cold, and of these two are formed the lake
of Blackrock, the waters of which are of a moderate
warmth, and which lies to the n. of the city, being
nearly a quarter of a mile’s distance from the place
where are caught eels and silver-fish, resembling
the cod and slimgut in flavour, the latter of which
lias a head disproportioned to its body. [A prodi-
gious piece ol Nevis mountain falling down in an
earthquake several years ago, left a large vacuity,
which is still to be seen. The altitude of this
mountain, taken by a quadrant from Charlestown
bay, is said to be a mile and a half perpendicular ;
and from the said bay to the top, four miles. The
declivity from this mountain to the town is very
steep half-way, but afterwards easy of ascent.] In
Lat. 17° 8' u. and long. 62° 40' w.

Charlestown, another city of the island of
Barbadoes ; the situation of which is two leagues
from that of San Miguel. It has a good port de-
fended by two castles ; the one beyoml the other,
and both commanding the city and the road: in
the middle of them is a platform. Tlse inhabitants
carry on a great trade with the other islands.

(CHARLESTOWN, a township in Montgomery

county. New York, on the s. side of Mohawk river,
about 32 miles w. of Schenectady. By the state
census of 1796, 456 of the inhabitants are elec-

(Charlestown, a township in Mason county,
Kentucky ; situate on the Ohio, at the mouth of
Lauren’s creek. It contains but few houses, and
is six miles n. of Washington, and 60 n. e. of Lex-
ington. Lat. 38° 28' n.)

(Charlestown, a township in Chester county,

(Charlestown, a post town in Cheshire county,
New Hampshire, on the e. side of Connecticut
river, 30 miles s. of Dartmouth college, upwards of
70 n. of Northampton, 116 n. of w. of Boston, 120
w. by 71. of Portsmouth, and 431 n. n. e. of Phila-
delphia. It was incorporated in 1753, and con-
tains 90 or 100 houses, a Congregational church,
a court-house, and an academy. The road from
Boston to Quebec passes through this town. Lat.
43° 16' n. Long. 72° 23' w. A small internal
trade is carried on here.)

(Charlestown, a post town in Cecil county,
Maryland, near the head of Chesapeak bay ; six
mites e. n. e. from the mouth of Susquehannah
river, 10 zo. s. w. from Elktown, and 50 s. w. by zb.
from Philadelphia. Here are about 20 houses,
chiefly inhabited by fishermen employed in the
herring fishery. Lat. 39° 36' w.)

(Charlestown, a district in the lower country
of S. Carolina, subdivided into 14 parishes. This
large district, of which the city of Charleston is the
chief town, lies between Santee and Combahee
rivers. It pays 21,473/. 14s. 6d. sterling, taxes. It
sends to the state legislature 48 representatives and
13 senators, and one member to congress. It con-
tains 66,986 inhabitants, of whom only 16,352 are

(Charlestown, a village in Berkley county,
Virginia ; situate on the great road leading from
Philadelphia to Winchester ; eight miles from
Shepherdstown, and 20 from Winchester.)

(Charlestown, a township in Washington
county, Rhode Island state, having the Atlantic
ocean on the s. and separated from Richmond on the
71. by Charles river, a water of Fawcatiick. Some of
its ponds empty into Fawcatiick river, otliers into
the sea. It is 19 miles /L ti:;. of Newport, and
contains 2022 inhabitants, including 12 slaves. A
few years ago there w'ere about 500 Indians in the
state ; the greater part of them resided in tin's town-
ship. They are peaceable and well disposed to
government, and s|5cak the English language.)

CHARLETON, an island situate near the e.
coast of the country of Labrador, in the part of N.

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