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Presurapscot river. It has a good harbour at its
mouth for small vessels, and has several mills upon
it ; two miles higher a fall obstructs the navigation.
Between it and Kennebeck there are no rivers ;
some creeks and harbours of Casco bay throw them-
selves into the main land, affording harbours for
small vessels, and intersecting the country in various

CASCONA, a settlement of the province and
government of Antioquía ; situate at the mouth of
the river Nare, at its entrance into the Mag-

CASCUEMBEC, a small island of Nova Scotia,
close to the w. point of the island of San Juan.

CASIBANI, a river of the province and country
of the Amazonas : it rises in the cordillera of the
Mochovos and Pichambios Indians, runs in a ser-
pentine course to the n. then inclining for many
leagues to the s. e. enters the Maranon or Amazonas,
near the settlement of N uestra Seilora de Guada-

CASIDI, a river of the province and government
of Guayana : it enters the Orinoco, according to
Beilin, but which is afterwards contradicted by his
own map, since it is^there represented as having its
source to the e. of the city of Pamplona, and as
running into the river Apure.

CASIGUA, a settlement of the province and go-
vernment of Maracaibo ; situate on the coast, and
near the entrance or mouth of the great lake.

CASILDA, Ensenada de, a bay on the s. coast
of the island of Cuba.

CASIMBUCO, a settlement of the province and
corregimiento of Chayanta or Charcas in Peru ; an-
nexed to the curacy of Pocoata.

CASIMENA, a settlement of the jurisdiction of
the city of Santiago de los Atalayas, in the govern-
ment of San Juan de los Llanos, of the Nuevo
Reyno de Granada : it is of a very hot temperature,
and abounds in fruits of a similar climate. Its na-
tives, who are numerous and consist of the Neolitos
Indians, are very industrious, docile, and of good
dispositions, having been reduced to the faith by
the missionaries of the extinguished society of Je-
suits. The settlement is at present in the charge of
the barefooted order of St. Francis, and lies three
leagues from the settlement of Surimena, on the
shore of the large river Meta.

CASIPA, a large lake of the province of Nueva
Andalucía Austral
or South, to the w. ofthe Vaca-
ronis Indians : it is 30 leagues in length from n. to s.
and 24 in width from e. to w. Four large rivers
flow from it, the principal of which areArous or Aroi
and Caroa, the which enter the Orinoco on its e.
side. Its woods are inhabited by some barbarous

nations of Caribes Indians, such as are the Canuris
to the n. the Bsparagois to the e. the Aravis to the
s. and the Chaguas and Lasipagotes to thezw. In
this lake tortoises and alligators abound ; its waters
are hurtful, and the climate here is unhealthy;
hurricanes are frequent here, from the winds which
blow from the neighbouring mountains.

CASIPOURE, a river of the province of
Guayana, in the French possessions ; it runs from
m. to e. and enters the sea, its mouth being half a
league wide, near cape Orange, in 5° 27'.

Casipoure, a cape or point of the coast opposite
the side of cape Orange.

CASIQUIN, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Mainas in the kingdom of Quito, which
runs many leagues, and enters the Maranon.

CASIRI, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Parinacocha in Peru ; annexed to the
.curacy of its capital : in its vicinity is an elevated
mountain, in which great Indian wealth is said to
be secreted.

CASIRIAQUI, Cano de, a large and copious
arm of the river Negro, by which this communi-
cates with the Orinoco, and through that with the
Maranon or Las Amazonas ; which communication,
however, has been frequently doubted and con-
troverted since the short time of its having been

CASIROUGE, a small island of the e. coast of
Newfoundland, betweea Bellisle and the port

CASIRRUENTI, a large and copious river
abounding in fine fish, of the province and govern-
ment of San Juan de los Llanos : it passes through
the llanuras of Cazanare and Meta, and, near the
settlement of San Joaquin de Atanari, enters the

CASIUINDO, a settlement of the province and
government of Tucumán, in the jurisdiction of the
city of Xuxuy ; annexed to the curacy of Cochino-
ca ; it has two hermitages, which serve as chapels
of ease, with the dedicatory title of Rinconada and
Rio de San Juan. The natives fabricate powder
of excellent quality, and in its district are gold
mines, which are not worked.

CASMA, Alta, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Santa in Peru ; situate on the
coast of the S. sea, with a moderately good port.
It was sacked in 1586 by Edward David, an Eng-
lish pirate.

Casma, Alta, another settlement of this pro-
vince, called, for distinction’s sake, Casma Baxa.

CASMAL, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Chachapoyas in Peru ; annexed to
the curacy of Olleros.

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