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Of Guadalupe, between the Three Rive*‘s and the
Agujero del Ferro.

Carbet Point, on the s. coast of lake Superior,
in New France, opposite the island of Philipeaux.

Carbet, a river of the island of Guadalupe,
which tuns nearly e. and enters the sea between
the Grande and the Orange.

CARBON, Island of, situate in the middle of
a lake on the coast of the province and govern-
ment of Buenos Ayres.

Carbon, Monte de, a settlement of the pro-
vince and corregimiento of Puchacay in the king-
dom of Chile; situate upon the coast and on the
shore of the bay of Culumo, near the mouth of
the river Biobio.

CARBONIERE, a settlement of the island of
Newfoundland, situate on the e. coast, on the
shore of the bay of Concepcion.

CARCAI, a settlement of the province and cor-
regimiento of Lucanas in Peru ; annexed to the
curacy of Soras. It has a hot spring of water of
very medicinal properties, and its heat is so great
that an egg may be boiled in it in an instant.

CARCARANAL, a river of the province and
government of Buenos Ayres. It rises in the pro-
vince of Tucuman, in the mountains of the city
of Cordoba, runs nearly from e. torw. with the
name of Tercero, and changing it into Carcara-
iial, after it becomes united Avith the Saladillo, joins
the Plata, and enters the Salado and the Tres Hec-

CARCAZI, a settlement of the government and
Jurisdiction of Pamplona in the Nuevo Reyno de
Granada, situate betAveen two mountains, which
cause its temperature to be very moderate. It pro-
duces much Avheatand maize ; in its cold parts such
fruits as are peculiar to that climate, and in the
milder parts sugar-cane. Its neighbourhood
abounds Avith flocks of goats ; and the number of
inhabitants may amount to about 200 Spaniards
and 30 Indians. It is situate on the confines Avhich
divide the jurisdictions of Tunja and Pamplona.

CARCHIPOR, a river of the province and go-
vernment of Cayenne in the kingdom of Tierra
Firme. It rises in the mountains of the same pro-
vince, and runs into the sea on the side of cape
Ora nge.

(CARDIGAN, about 20 miles e. of Dartmouth
college, New Hampshire. The township of
Orange once bore this name, which see.)

CARDIN, a settlement of the province of Ve-
and government of Maracaibo, situate on
the shore of the coast, in the interior of the gulf
formed by the peninsula of cape San Roman.

CARDINALES, Sombreros de. See article

CARDOSO, Real de, a settlement and real
of gold mines in the province and captainship of
Todos Santos in Brazil; situate on the shore of
the large river of San Francisco, to the n. of the
village of Tapuyas.

CAREHANEU, a small river of Pennsylvania,
which runs w. and enters the Ohio.

CAREN, a valley or meadow-land of the king-
dom of Chile, renowned for its pleasantness, beauty,
and extent, being five leagues in length; also for
a fountain of very delicate and salutary water,
which, penetrating to the soil in these parts, ren-
ders them so exceedingly porous, that a person tread-
ing somewhat heavily seems to shake the ground
under him. There is an herb found here that keeps
green all the year round: it is small, resembling
trefoil, and the natives call it caren: it is of a very
agreeable taste, and gives its name to the valley.

CARENERO, a bay of the coast of the king-
dom of Tierra Firme in the province and govern-
ment of Venezuela. It is extremely convenient
for careening and repairing ships, and from this
circumstance it takes its name. It lies behind cape
Codera towards the e.

CARET, Anse be, a bay of the island of St.
, one of the Antilles, on the n. e. coast,
and in the part possessed by the French before
they ceded the island to the Englissh. It is be-
tween the bays of Fontaine and Morne, or Fuente
and Morro.

=CARETI, a river of the province and govern-
ment of Darien, and kingdom of Tierra Firme.
It rises in the n. mountains, and enters the sea ia
the bay of Mandinga.

CAREU, a settlement of the island of Barba-
, in the district of the parish of Christchurch.

CARGONACHO, a settlement of the province
and corregimiento of Castro Vireyna in Peru ; an-
nexed to the curacy of Philpichaca.

CARGUAIRASO, a lofty mountain and vol-
cano of the province and corregimiento of Rio-
in the kingdom of Quito. It is in the dis-
trict of the asiento of Ambato, covered with snow
the whole year round. Its skirts are covered with
fine crops of excellent barley. In 1698 this pro-
vince was visited by a terrible earthquake, which
opened the mountain and let in a river of mud,
formed by the snows which were melted by the
fire of the volcano, and by the ashes it threw up.
So dreadful were the effects of this revolution that
the whole of the crops were completely spoiled ;
and it was in vain that the cattle endeavoured to-

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