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ico, of the religious order of St. Dominic ; elected
bishop in 1610, and was from thence translated to
the bishopric of Oaxaca.

10. Don Fr. Gonzalo de Angulo, of the order
of St. Francis, native of Valladolid ; he was su-
perior of the convent of Segovia, difinidor of the
province of Castilla, qualificator of the inquisi-
tion ; elected bishop in 1617, visited his bishopric,
where he spent more than three years, confirmed
3000 persons, and founded many grammar-schools ;
he died in 1633.

11. Don Juan Lopez Agurto de la Mata, na-
tive of the Mandof Tenerife, canon of the church
of the Puebla de los Angeles, prebendary of that
of Mexico, rector of the college of Los Santos,
and lecturer in its university ; he was elected bishop
of Puertorico in 1630, and promoted to this in
1634 ; in which time the cathedral was removed
for the sake of security: in 1637 he died.

19. Don Fr. Mauro de Tobar, of the order of
St. Benedict, native of Villacastin, prior and ab-
bot of the monastery of Valladolid, and afterwards
of Monforte, preacher to Philip IV. ; elected to
this bishopric in 1639: immediately upon his tak-
ing possession of it a great earthquake happened,
and destroyed the cathedral, which he was rebuild-
ing, when he was translated to the bishopric of
Chiapa in 1655.

13. Don Fr. Alonso Briceño, of the order of La
Merced, of the province and kingdom of Chile;
he entered Caracas in the year 1659, and died
in 1667.

14. Don Fr. Antonio Gonzales de Acuña, of the
order of St. Dominic, postulador in the court of
Rome ; he was elected bishop in 1676, and died
in 1682.

15. The Doctor Don Diego de Baños and Soto-
mayor, native of Santa Fe of Bogotá, head colle-
giate of the college of the Rosario in this city,
honorary chaplain to Charles II. and canon of
Cuenca ; he was promoted to the mitre of Santa
Marta in 1684 ; he founded the Tridentine col-
lege, having endowed the same with professorships
and revenues ; and being removed to the arch-
bishopric of Santa Fe, he died in the year 1706.

16. Don Fr. Francisco del Rincon, of the reli-
gious order of the Minims of St. Francis de Paula,
native of Valladolid ; he was promoted to the
archbishopric of Domingo in 1711, and from
thence to that of Santa Fe in 1717.

17. Don Juan Joseph de Escalona y Calatayud,
was born at Rioja, became doctor of theology at
Salamanca, canon of Calahorra, and first chap-
lain in the court of Madrid ; he was elected bishop

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of Caracas, for his charity to the poor, in the year
1719, and thence translated to the bishopric of Me-
choacau in 1728.

18. Don Joseph Feliz Valverde, native of Gra-
nada ; he passed his youth at Mexico, where he
was collegiate of the college of San lldefonso, doc-
tor of theology, and of both laws, magistrate and
dean of the church of Oaxaca ; elected bishop in
1731, and promoted to the church of Mechoácan ;
which last appointment he declined : he died
in 1741.

19. Don Juan Garcia Padiano ; who took pos-
session in 1742, and died in 1746.

20. Don Manuel Breton, doctoral canon of the
church of Badajos ; he died in going over to be
consecrated at Cordova in 1749.

21. Don Manuel Machado y Luna, honorary
chaplain to his Majesty, and administrator of the
college of Santa Isabel, native of Estremadura :
he studied at Salamanca, obtained the title of pri-
mate of canons ; reputed for one of the wisest in
ecclesiastical discipline ; was made bishop of Ca-
racas in 1750, and died in 1752.

22. Don Francisco Julian Antolino, native of
Zamora, an eminent theologist, penitentiary ca-
non of Badajoz, and bishop of Caracas in 1753 :
he died in 1755.

23. Don Miguel Argüelles, principal theologist,
and curate in the archbishopric of Toledo ; elected
bishop in 1756, and immediately after auxiliary
bishop of Madrid.

24. Don Diego Antonio Diaz Madroñero, native
of Talarrubias in Estremadura, vicar of the city
of Alcalá ; he entered upon his functions in 1757,
and died in 1769.

25. Don Mariano Marti, of the principality of
Cataluña, ecclesiastical judge and vicar-general
of the archbishopric of Tarragona, doctor in the
university of Cervera ; he was promoted to the
bishopric of Puertorico in 1770.

Governors and Captains-General of the province
of Caracas, or Venezuela.

1. Ambrosio de Alfinge ; nominated first gover-
nor, and elected by the Weltzers: he drew up the
articles of stipulation with the Emperor in the con-
quest of Venezuela ; was founder of the city of
Coro ; took possession of the government in 1528,
and retained it till 1531, when he was killed by the
Indians in satisfaction of the cruelties he had com-

2. Juan Aleman, related to the Welzers ; he, by
way of precaution, assumed the title of governor
while the place was vacant, and held it until the
arrival of the proper person.

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