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Rag (Austin, Tex. : Print), Volume 1, no.29, October 2, 1967

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University of Texas THE RAG 15 ¢ Vol. `1. No. 9~ OCT. 2, 1967 |C 1967| 20 ¢ OUTSIDE OF - Austin, Houston....


by Fred Maxwell

Settegast has rebelled. After several years of promises and disappointments from the Northeast Independent School Board, Settegast community has acted to form Freedom Independent Scool District. Taking up from Watts Harlem, Newark, and Detroit Houston Negroes now have their own rebellion.

Freedom Independent School District opened its doors September 11 to some 1250 students of all ages. Complexity and confusion reigned sepreme the first few days, although things have quieted somewhat.

I joined Freedom School as a teacher and had the rare opportunity of teaching over one hundred students on the fourth grade level. In working with the children I've become very discouraged because of the poor facilities.

The first day I start ed my class day by singing "God Bless America". WHAT BULLSHIT. We're now singing "Bettle Hym of the Republic". As we began the study sessions, I was astounded to find that many of the students were unable to perform simple addition, I later discovered that several of them could not read or write more than three or four letter words, and a few more cannot recognize numbers at all. The "American Way" has let them down,

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by Dick Reavis

The black Power movement is the necessary consequence of the historical experience of black men as Americans. During slavery, the Afro-American masses were given few grounds on which to identify with or enter into the institutions of the general society. In fact, even the freedman was barred from participation in almost all American institutions including church. Althought the conversion of the African was often cited in apology for slavery, contrary to what we have been taught in moviehouses, most missionaries to the slaves were English Methodists, and until Emancipation, less than 5% of the black population was "Christianized". Following, membership in black congregations rose phenomenally, until eight of the ten Afro-Americans were formally affiliated with an orthodox religious congregation. In effect, the black American chose the grounds of common Christianity as the first approack to respectability in America.

At about the same time, black men also sought acceptance in the broader society through patriotic endeavor. There is a record of black heroism in combat, especially during the Spanish-American War, (when, for example, black troops went up San Juan Hill with Teddy Roosevelt, and preceeded his troops

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Letters the Funnel 810 Preston Houston 77002 Funnel:

Many are the times that educators have stressed the importance of a high school ecucation. It has often been pointed out that in the United States, education is free and open to anyone, regardless; yet this is not entirely true.

It has been brought to my attention that a young high school student has been denied the privelege of entering the school of her choice. Refusal of her entry is due to the fact that she is independent of her parents or any legal guardian.

She has for the last two years been independent of her parents and they are fully aware and in agreement with her pursuits. She has in this period of time supported herself on thrity dollars a week and rode a city bus twenty miles each day to attend classes at Spring Branch High School.

This summer she had moved from Spring Branch into the Austin High School district. Since commuting thrity miles to school on the Houston bus system was impractical, she attempted to transfer to Austin High School, and was refused admittance by an indifferent and sisinterested school principle.

I believe anyone with the drive and sincere desire to learn should not be refused an education on any grounds. Education should be free and open to anyone with the desire and mental capacity to learn.

The Houston Independent School District sucks!

Biance Ellis

Dear Rag

Here is $7.50

Pleeze send me the Rag for one (one) year.

I am: E. Moen 508 W. 12th B

Austin, Texas 78701

Funnel: A POEM FOR OCTOBER 21, 1967

Here we go again, Upsy daisy, Watch closely, Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay.

What will happen On Oct. 21? I'll tell you what will Happen on Oct 21:

Father Gapon Luther King Will lead the be-belled Bubble-blowing Peasants In presenting a petition To the king


Laying on his hand (as kings will do)

Will give everyone He touches Scrofula Or the Clap

While ordering out The helicopters And the cops And the guns To kill the people

You don't believe me?


By Joanne Syrek


by Trudy Minkoff

Hippies and long haired Americans in general are returning from sunny summer days in Mexico with tales of atrocities.

Some people in Austin recently told of approximately thrity heads who were busted in Huatla, Wahaka (that's mushroom country) in late August and deported from Mexico after being jailed for two or three days. No charges were ever made and apparently immigration authorities never checked to see if any laws had been broken. Every American in town was simply rounded up and expedited. Deportation from Mexico means that an individual may not return without facing up to 10 years in prison.

Another group of hip types from Austin spent a night in jail in friendly Neuvo Larado. When their car became wedged upon rail road tracks they were accused of obstructing traffic which apparently is a capital crime in the category of sabotage.

A rumour we get from California has immigration in some small border town holding bearded folk incognito until they shave.

People who have been travelling south of the broder for years are now getting hassled. The Mexican consulate here in Austin refused some hairly friends the papers required to get into Mexico.

Some speculate that it is the American tourist industry that is the most disturbed by our presence in Acalpulco, etc.



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Sequence 3

The RAG is returning to Austin!! We will begin publishing regularly the week of Oct. 9th. The RAG is now at 609 W. 23rd. Volunteers are wanted.

RAG RESURRECTION BENEFIT!! HILLEL HOUSE - 2105 San Antonio = SHIVA'S HEAD BAND = Light Show!! 8 - 12 p.m. $1 a person - $1.75 a couple THURSDAY OCT 12

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Forward to Socialism

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Sequence 1

1934 Forward to Socialism


Issued by the National Conference of The Socialist League June, 1934

1 d

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Sequence 2

"Forward to Socialism" embodies the definite policy of the Socialist League as decided by its National Conference held at Leeds, May 20 and 21, 1934, in relation to current events and national and international problems.

It is issued as a pamphlet by the National Council of the League with the full authority of the Conference.

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Forward to Socialism

Made increasingly desperate in the face of their inability to solve the vast economic and social problems created by private enterprise, the Capitalist forces have gathered in a universal effort to save themselves. Fascism and War threaten the workers. The Labor Movement of Britain is now the last main bulwark within Capitalist countries againt the wave of reaction the has swept across the world.

In this country, as in every Capitalist country, millions of workers are unemployed; real wages have been brought down to new low levels; social services have been ruthlessly cut; unemployment pay is near starvation level; the family and the individual have had thrust upon them the responsibility for maintaining the unemployed; the Means Test and the Anomalies Act bring misery to thousands; the Government still further penalises and divides the workless in its Unemployment Bill; deaths and ill-health from malnutrition accumulate; rationalisation drives men and women into compulsory idleness while long hours are the lot of their comrades; large section of the "middle classes" are being pressed down to poverty level; university trained men and women are unable to find employment; machinery is used not to lighten the labour of both clerical and manual workers but to increase unemployment; land is misued or goes out of cultivation; pits are empty and factories closed.

The mass of the people demand a sufficiency of food, shelter and warmth; they demand security of employment; leisure without financial anxiety; increased opportunities for cultural development; they cry out for peace between the nations; they ask that the great potential wealth of this country shall be harnessed to social advance. Increasingly they receive as their portion poverty, insecurity, unemployment, hunger, intensified exploitation; daily they are conscious of the imminence of Wars so terrible that the civilisation they know may well go down in disaster to barbarism.

Poverty or Plenty?

Right at the roots of this crisis, which brings such suffering and oppression in its train, lies the maintenace of the private owenership of the means of production at the very


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time when it has ceased to be a progressive and expanding force in the evolution of society.

We are living to-day in a potential Age of Plenty, when the productive capacity of the world, thanks to man's technical and scientific conquest of nature, is so enormous that there should not be any man, woman, or child poor, ill-clad, ill-shod or badly housed. A steadily rising standard of living for the millions of workers can be achieved. But from the very fact that all production is governed by the demand of private property to receive its toll in rent and interest arises the tragic paradox that, while colossal wealth is piled up in the hands of the few, poverty, unemployment, ill-health, ruin and social degredation are the lot of the millions.

Because all the means from which are produced the necessities of life are privately owned and the products are distributed only on condition that from their production a private profit is secured, vast quantities of wheat are used as fuel for locomotives, coffee is thrown into the sea by thousands of tons, live stock is ruthlessly destroyed, land is forced out of cultivation so that prices may be forced up to a profitable level. Meanwhile millions of workers walk the streets unemployed, real wages decrease, slum increase, disease and desolation sprea.

Who dare speak of "prosperity returning" is a country where 5s. a week for the sustenance of a child is too great a burden; in a country where miners winning coal deep down in the earth receive less than £2 a week; in a country where skilled engineers for a full week's toil take home a meagre 58s.; in a country where the agricultural worker and his family face life on 30s. a week; in a country where millions of its "citizens" find insecurity and low wages their portion? Poverty is to-day, as it has been in the whole era of industrial Capitalism, the inevitable fate of the mass of human beings. It is Poverty the Socialist fights.

The Fruits of Anarchy

Capitalism moves inexorably towards an ever-deepening crisis. At times the movement may seem for a moment to be checked; at times the supporters of the system will hail the coming of "properity"-but the disease is incurable within Capitalism. The scramble for markets, which goes by the name of international trade, is in fact a fierce economic conflict leading, as the past abundantly proves, to the clash of armed forces. In every country the Capitalist class is now fighting for its own hand from behind tariff walls and restrictions which


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grow ever higher. Every Capitalist power is waging a bitter currency war with every other power, each desperately striving to secure an advantage over the other. Internally, Capitalism calls on the State for protection and aid; State subsidies, State regulation of the profit systems and secured in its desperate attempt to bring regulation into the anarchy it has created and which it cannot destroy.

This appalling situation cannot be remedied unless we are prepared to change the whole economic system. Under Capitalism every individual owner of any of the means of production, farm, factory or mine, must be assured of such a price for his output as will enable him to receive or pay profits, rent and interest. Prices so fixed are too high to enable all those who need the commodities to purchase them. They have to subsist on low wages, the pittance of unemployment benefit, Poor Law relief, that rents profits and interest may be maintained. Capitalism, however much its defenders may claim, cannot distribute the goods it can produce. Millions of people, because of this, lack to-day the elementary necessities of life-- food, shelter, warmth; they suffer from unemployment because there is insufficient effective demand for the goods at the price at which they are offered in the market.

A World in Arms

Side by side with this economic chaos there proceeds a terrific armaments race--economic rivalry breeds of necessity its final product, devestating war. The Disarmament Conference has been transformed into an Armaments Conference which will create not peace but new groupings of Imperialist Powers. Japanese Imperialists, scorning half-hearted and insincere grumblings at Geneva, have, without regard to the rights of the Chinese people, turned Manchuria into a military base for the conquest of all China and waging war on the Soviet Union.

British Imperialists have met in Singapore for the reorganisation of their military, naval and air plans, ready for war in the Pacific. The U.S.A. has plunged into the armament race with vast new naval and air contructions. The "National" Government has in Britain declared its readiness to embark on huge extentions of war preperations--in the name of Defence. Fascism is re-arming Germany so that it shall become again a "first-class" military, naval and air power. Italy and France are armed to the teeth. The Soviet Union has been forced


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to divert great energy from her social reconstruction in face of the world war-mentality and the imminent danger of attack from Imperialist powers.

What Fascism Means

Parallel with the race towards an international conflagration proceeds the growth of Fascism in all Capitalist countries, our own not excluded. Fascism is Reaction writ large. It is Capitalism grown desperate. It is a forcible attempt to stabilise the existing system of class relationships. It throws off the democratic mask of capital's dictatorship for the purpose of smashing every organised opposition to Capitalism within its national frontiers. It takes the form of counter-revolution, waging civil war, if it considers the need exists, against the working class, crushing all progressive forces, leading mankind back to barbarism. Wherever it has triumphed it has shattered all working-class organisations--political parties, Trade Unions, Co-operative Societies--destroyed liberty, reduced men and women to abject slavery, and in not one case has it solved one economic or social problem--save the problem of how to crush Freedom.

It is growing rapidly in our midst, not in the number of people wearing Black Shirts, but in the minds and actions of the ruling classes and of the Government itself. Big sections of the reactionary press have become the blatant propaganda sheets of Fascism. The police forces are being rapidly militarised and placed in the hands of "property-class conscious" leaders. The air force is being made into a "class-proof" military are. A new "Defense Force" is being organised to maintain civil "peace."

The "National" Government is openly pursuing the reorganisation of Agriculture on a "Corporate State" basis, guaranteeing interest and profit to the private owners at the expense of the farm workers and the consumers. In Iron and Steel, in Cotton, in Mining, in Transport the same tendency can be seen. Already there is talk in Government circles of a "bloodless revolution."

The Will to Power

It may be that we are within measurable distance of the last opportunity for the people of Britian to use their democratic rights, won by generations of struggle, to prevent the triumph of the forces of reaction and Imperialist was. To ensure that the workers shall be enabled to declare their views freely at


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Sequence 7

the polls and that they shall choose rightly are among the most decisive, fateful issues before the people of this country.

Nor is it a question of merely waiting to vote when the election comes. True Democracy can only be defended and made effective provided the whole working-class movement, and above all its mass organisations, the Labor Party, the Trade Unions, the Co-operative Movement, come together in a great active and battling alliance prepared to exercie their mighty power against the forces of reaction. Only day-to-day activity against every encraochment of Reaction in all its forms can pave the way to securing a democratic triumph for Socialism. And on that triumph depends all that the workers most dearly prize. The Will to Power must be made alive.

Events in Europe have shown that a poicy of reformism in the Trade Union and Socialist Movements has not availed to stem the tide of Fascism. It has indeed led to a weakening of the workers' forces and paved he way to disaster. Capitalism to-day finds its ultimate strength in the control of the Sate machine, the armed forced and the police. That strength is exerted increasingly to maintain power over economic processes, education and propaganda. From this control of education and propaganda arises ignorance of the real economic and political issues confronting the world, particuraly among the so-called middle classes.

A Class Philosophy

On Socialists within the mass movements lies a heavy responsibility. On them falls the duty of constant propaganda and agitation to arouse a determination in rank and file and leaders alike to tuen their backs on the hope of "making Capitalism more human." A belief in the necessity for an economic revolution, a determination to focus the clamant needs of the unemployed and the employed on this objective, a readiness to bring the injustices suffered by the masses out into the public gaze, the encouragement of a fighting and class spirit within the Trade Unions, the securing of a Socialist outlook withing the Co-operative Movement, so that its organisation for distribution of immediately consumable goods may be linked to the Socialist Plan, and the acceptane by the Political Party of the fact that the method of evolutionary gradualism is of no avail--these are the essentials if the Will to Power is to be made alive. The goal is Socialism. The time is short.

Especially is it necessary for Socialists within the Trade Union Movement to concentrate the attention of their comrades on the need for a recognition that the demands for better wages, shorter hours, security and fair conditions cannot be


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