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Sequence 20

is an organisation of convinced Socialists, fulfilling the condi-
tions of membership of the Labour Movement laid down below.
Who believe that Socialism can come only through the con-
scious and determined action of the working-class movement
in this and other countries and who believe further that only
through such action can the dangers of Fascism and reaction
in every country be averted.

Its members, accordingly, are pledged, as units within
their Labour Parties, Trade Unions and Co-operative Societies,
to do everything in their power to further the promotion and
ultimate realisation of a militant Socialist programme and

They are linked together in the Socialist League in order
to equip themselves more effectively for the work of Socialist
education and propaganda.

The Socialist League runs Socialist Forums, Study Groups,
Discussion Circles, etc., for the discussion of pratical Socialist

It organises Week-end Conferences and Summer Schools
for longer and more detailed discussion.

It publishes books and pamphlets in order to stimulate
opinion and action throughout the Movement.


Memebership of the Socialist League is open to all Socialists who are
either individual or politically affiliated members of the Labour Party
and who accept the Leagu's constitution, rules and policy.

Members of the League must, if eligible, be members of their Trade
Unions; and, if possible, be members of the Co-operative Movement.
All members are expected to become individual members of their
Consituency Labour Parties.

Applications for membership and all iquiries should be addressed
to the :--

3 Victoris Street, London, S.W.1.
Telephone:Victoria 4063

Sequence 20