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Sequence 16

co-operation of the two countries in mutual advance towards
Socialism and Peace. Th Socialist Government should work in
unison with the Soviet Union, whether in regard to econominc
agreements, the League of Nations. Disarmament or Peace.

Lords and People

In our view the proposals we have outlined as urgent measures
necessary to save the people of this country from disaster and
to secure their social well-being will make drastic constitutional
changes necessary.

So long as the House of Lords exists with its powers of
obstruction and delay no measures commensurate with the needs
of the present situation are possible. The House of Lords is the
bulwark of private property and reaction. The Parliament Act
is not a method for expediting change but a means of delay
which permits sabotage and playing for time whilst Reaction
outside Parliament is given the opportunity to destroy a Socialist

The seriousness of the crisis, the drastic nature of the
measures which are necessary to overcome it, demand speed and
decisiveness of action. Socialists want to make the House of
Commons and effective instrument of democracy. Once the people
of this country elect a Socialist Government the will of the people
must prevail and obstructions to the coming of Socialism must
be removed. The House of Lords must be abolished; all the
powers of constitutional government, emergencey or otherwise,
that have been freely used in the past must, if the need arises,
be employed to ensure the fulfillment of the People's will.

Forward to Socialism!

Socialists stand for true Freedom and real Democracy, but
are opposed to the time-wasting and obstructive use of
Capitalist democratic procedure, which had brought Parliament-
ary government into disrepute and on which the propaganda for
Fascism fastens. Parliament must become a workshop.

The issue is joined between the defenders of private owner-
ship of the means of production, which spreads disaster and
chaos throughout society, and the supporters of Socialism, which
alone can remove poverty and bring prosperity and well-being
to the Common People.

There is no time to lose. We must act and act quickly and
decisively. The longer Capitalism continues the more will


Sequence 16